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What Does Sear Mean When Cooking a Steak on the Gas Grill?

Posted on November 26 2013

So what is searing and for that matter searing steak? By definition, searing means to cook the surface of something, such as meat, quickly and with intense heat. There has been a lot of discussion about whether searing seals in the juices, and like everything else related to cooking, it is a matter of opinion. Most likely, you have your own opinion too, so go with what you like and believe. There is no fact on this matter.

What do you need to get that perfect sear in your backyard grill? Most gas grill manufacturers offer searing burners or infrared burners that heat up to very high temperatures as an option or add on to the gas grill.

Using one of these burners to sear your steak will give you the nice, lightly crisp outside with a very tender, juicy inside. First, lightly coat your steak with with olive oil, salt and pepper. Spray non-stick spray on the infrared burner and then place your steak on the burner. Cook each side for 1-1.5 minutes. Once this searing is complete, move your steak off of the infrared burner to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking. To achieve the perfect piece of meat, be sure not to overcook it. You can use a meat thermometer to be sure your steak is at the desired temperature.

After searing your steak, cook it to an internal temperature of 120° F for rare, 125° F for medium rare or 130° F for medium. The internal temperature will rise another 5° or so after you remove the steak from the grill. The final step is to just enjoy your masterpiece!