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Freestanding Side Burners

BBQ Outfitters is proud to offer a top-notch collection of freestanding side burners from the trusted brand Lynx. These durable and high-performance side burners are the perfect complement to any outdoor kitchen or BBQ setup.

Features of Lynx Freestanding Side Burners

The Lynx collection of freestanding side burners boasts an impressive range of features that deliver exceptional cooking experiences. These side burners feature powerful burners that can produce up to 15,000 BTU, giving you the control and power you need for perfect outdoor cooking.

Benefits of Freestanding Side Burners

The benefits of a freestanding side burner are manifold. They offer you the flexibility to cook outdoors without the need for a full built-in outdoor kitchen, making them perfect for those who enjoy outdoor cooking but may not have the space or inclination for a full outdoor kitchen setup. These side burners also provide versatility and convenience, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once or even accommodate larger pots and pans.

Affordable Price Point and Assurance from BBQ Outfitters

At a price point that is accessible for most discerning outdoor cooking enthusiasts, the Lynx collection of freestanding side burners is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking setup. And with BBQ Outfitters, you can rest assured that you're getting the best deals and top-quality equipment from one of the most trusted outdoor cooking retailers in Texas.
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