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AUSTIN: 512-347-1988   |   SAN ANTONIO: 210-437-2999

54" Twin Eagles Built-In Gas Grill w/ Infrared Rotisserie & Sear Zone, Liquid Propane

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The Twin Eagles 54 inch propane gas grill has four 25,000 BTU, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel U-shaped burners which distribute the heat more evenly than common straight burners. The burners carry a lifetime warranty. Each burner is contained by heat zone dividers which gives you precise control over the temperature of each cooking zone. This allows you to cook low and slow over one burner while cooking hot and fast over another. No matter what you are cooking you will be able to grill everything to perfection and have them all come off the grill at the same time.

Ceramic briquettes help distribute the burner heat even more evenly and vaporizes the drippings which helps eliminate flare ups and adds extra flavor to your food. If the briquettes ever need cleaning simply flip them upside down and run the grill on high for a few minutes until all the excess drippings burn off. Once they cool down turn them back over and you are back in business. The heavy gauge hexagonal grates retain more heat than thinner cooking grates and sear professional style grill marks into your food better than cheaper alternatives.

  • 14 gauge 304 stainless steel burners with lifetime warranty.
  • High quality ceramic briquettes.
  • Hexagonal grates for more surface to food contact.
  • Zone dividers to regulate different grilling temperatures.
  • Reliable hot surface ignition.
  • Easy to open spring assisted hood system.
  • Interior lights with hood activated light switch for nighttime grilling.
  • LED control panel lights.
  • Multi-position and stow away warming rack.
  • Large capacity smoker box.
  • Made in the USA

Drafting vents draw cool air from the bottom of the firebox keeping the heat above the burners where it is needed and help keep the heat more consistent and evenly distributed. Since the grill is constructed from 304 series stainless steel seamless heli-arc welded seams it has tremendous strength and durability which is essential for outdoor use. An easy open spring assisted hood makes opening and closing the well made hood as easy as opening and closing cheaper single layer hoods. Automatic interior lighting and a LED lit control panel make cooking at night as easy as cooking during the daytime. The multi-position warming rack allows you the flexibility to slow cook foods or just keep them warm while the rest of the meal is finishing cooking. As with all Twin Eagles gas grills this unit uses an electric hot surface glow plug ignition system which is much more reliable than battery powered lighting systems.