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AUSTIN: 512-347-1988   |   SAN ANTONIO: 210-437-2999

TEC Patio FR Series Fryer / Steamer

$239.99 $265.00


  • 304 grade stainless steel construction for durability
  • Conveniently fits on top of existing cooking grates
  • Removable lid and grate allow for both steaming and frying food
  • Uses infrared heat to heat water or oil for efficient cooking
  • Compatible with TEC Patio FR, Sterling G and Sterling FR series grills

A long-time favorite of TEC aficionados. Seriously transform your grill with this heavy-duty, 14-gauge fryer/steamer made of 304 stainless steel. The rectangular shape fits over one burner of your grill, and the thick metal construction keeps the temperature of oil consistent when frying. The fryer/steamer comes with a stainless steel perforated grate insert that can be used for elevating containers or food for steaming vegetables and seafood, etc. Enjoy fried and steamed foods in the great outdoors with the TEC Fryer/Steamer combo. Designed for use with TEC Patio FR, Sterling G, Sterling FR series gas grills, the fryer/steamer rests over a single cooking grid section and uses infrared energy to heat water or oil. Fryer basket sold separately.