All-in-One Primo Grills & Smokers: Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Addition

by Chris Commins
An outdoor kitchen with space for some Primo grills and smokers.

You know you’re in Texas when you head outside in the summer, and the smell of BBQ fills the air throughout the neighborhood. There’s no escaping grills and smokers in this part of the world because outdoor cooking is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. 

Few things in life are better than gathering the family and inviting friends and neighbors for a cookout while enjoying San Antonio’s beautiful weather. Creating the ideal outdoor kitchen makes entertaining guests far more manageable and gives you a space you can be proud of when having people over.

Primo makes all sorts of products that maximize your outdoor kitchen space. This guide will take you through the beauty of building an outdoor kitchen and describe some all-in-one Primo grills and smokers worth adding to your dining area.


What Are All-in-One Primo Grills and Smokers?

Building an outdoor kitchen is a significant undertaking, and you could find yourself struggling to fit everything into your yard. Primo has a solution in the form of its smoker grill products, which allow you to bake, smoke, grill, or roast your food using a single device. 

These cookers come in multiple sizes, making them even more adaptable to your area and ensuring you can make the most of your remaining space. Even better, when your friends ask, “Where are Primo grills made?” you can tell them they’re built right here in the USA! 

The Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen 

An outdoor kitchen can transform your yard into an additional living space. This space makes your home feel larger and creates an area for entertaining guests when the weather is nice. Other benefits an outdoor kitchen provides include:

-Reduced Energy Bills

Texas gets hot in the summer, and your air conditioning is already working overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Cooking inside further strains your cooling system and can increase your energy bills throughout the year. Investing in an outdoor kitchen keeps this cooking heat outside, so your AC won’t have to ramp up at mealtime. 

    -More Time Outside

    Perhaps the main benefit of building an outdoor kitchen is the additional time you can spend outside. Getting the yard set up just the way you want gives you an area to relax every evening, and your cooking facilities mean you don’t have to head inside to prepare a meal. 

      -Added Property Value

      An under-the-radar benefit of building an outdoor kitchen is that it will increase your property value when it comes time to sell. Outdoor cooking areas are exploding in popularity, and buyers are willing to pay a premium for a space that’s ready to use when they move into the house.

        -Easier Cooking Experience 

        Having a complete outdoor kitchen creates an altogether more accessible food preparation environment. Homeowners that only have a grill must head back inside to prepare salads, vegetables, and other items while keeping an eye on the meat on the grill. A full kitchen means you can prepare everything in one place, eliminating much of the hassle of outdoor cooking. 

          Designing a custom outdoor kitchen ensures the space has everything you could ever want and will meet your family’s needs. You can personalize everything from the counter space and décor to the cooking devices you’ll use to create the perfect outdoor cooking and dining experience.

          6 Primo Grills Worth Adding to Your Outdoor Living Space


          Primo is a leading manufacturer of grills and smokers to include as part of your outdoor kitchen. The company also has all-in-one options that make it easy to use any cooking technique your dish requires. Some high-end Primo products include:


          1. Primo Junior Oval Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill


          The Junior Oval Ceramic Smoker Grill is the smallest product Primo offers, but its 210 square-inch cooking area and 150 square-inch rack system mean it’s large enough to fit two 14-pound turkeys. Many backyard cooking enthusiasts utilize this product as their primary grill while occasionally using it as a smoker. 


          2. Primo Large Round Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Smoker Grill


          The Large Round Ceramic Kamado Smoker Grill is 18.5 inches in diameter and has 280 square inches of cooking area. Kamado grills are increasing in popularity throughout the country because of their versatility, and this product allows you to include one as part of your backyard kitchen. 


          3. Primo Kamado All-in-One 


          The Primo Kamado All-in-One is similar to the Large Round Ceramic Kamado, except it comes with a stand with wheels and side shelves to make prep and storage easier. This product can grill eight to 12 steaks at once and reaches heat exceeding 850 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring you can cook whatever you wish on this unit.


          4. (H3) Primo Extra Large Oval Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill 


          The Extra Large Oval Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill is a larger version of the junior model. It’s the most popular Primo model because its extra-large 400 square-inch cooking space and 280 square-inch rack system provide more than enough space for all your cooking needs.


          5. Primo Oval LG 300 All-in-One 


          The Oval LG 300 All-in-One comes with a stand with wheels and side shelves and offers 300 square inches of cooking space that’s large enough to hold between ten and 20 steaks at a time. An optional rack system also provides an additional 195 square inches of space inside the cooker. 


          6. Primo Oval XL 400 All-in-One 


          The Oval XL 400 All-in-One is a larger version of the 300 model. The product can grill 15 to 25 steaks in its 400 square-inch cooking area and has an optional rack system that adds another 280 square inches. The Oval XL is as good as it gets for an all-in-one smoker grill and is worth a look if you’re serious about creating the ideal outdoor kitchen.

          Creating your outdoor kitchen design and then looking into some Primo grills and smokers ensures you have a compatible cooking environment. The result is a versatile outdoor cooker you can use for nearly any meal type.

          Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

          Your outdoor kitchen can take many different forms. Building this space from scratch ensures you create the ideal area for your family, and upgrading your cooking unit will make using the kitchen all the more enjoyable. 

          BBQ Outfitters carries all the appliances, supplies, and accessories you’ll need to assemble an outdoor kitchen in San Antonio, Texas. We carry multiple Primo smokers and grills, so you can select the option that works best for you. Contact BBQ Outfitters to learn more about our outdoor kitchen offerings.