Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQs

Yes, any area where you are going to have gas, or a gas connection needs to have some kind of vent to allow any gas leakage to escape.

Before ordering your gas grill verify the gas type, LP or NG that the gas grill is being supplied with. You can do this by contacting your gas utility company.

There are many brands that make pellet smokers that get to a high enough temperature to grill, but not every brand has the ability to do so.

Yes! The sales team at BBQ Outfitters have a few different programs at their disposal which can be used to help with design work.

More features and heavier components. Features like inside lights, powered ignition vs battery power, heavier grates, built in smoker boxes, hood assist systems, sear burners and built in rotisserie motors are just some of the extras.

No, we don't do the build of permanant islands, however we do have contractors we can recommend, or we can do modular metal islands from brands like Challenger or Danver that we will help design and install.

It depends on what type of grill you have. If the manufacturer of your brand of grill doesn't sell a conversion kit we don't recommend it. So called " Universal Kits" can create a dangerous situation with gas leaks, possible fire you'll find on top line grills these days.danger and damage to your grill.

FAQ - San Antonio

We offer limited service for grills purchased from us. We also recommend independent businesses for service needs.

No, we don't clean grills, but we can refer you to independent businesses that can.

It depends on what type of gas type you have. We install gas logs for a NG (natural gas) application. We have independent contractors that can install them for LP (liquid propane) applications.

Yes, assembly is always free whether your purchase is picked up or delivered.

Yes, we will deliver your purchase to your backyard patio for a fee, additional fees may be incurred depending on specific delivery situations.

Yes, we can ship your order anywhere in the continental United States for a fee.

Yes, we offer a free one year in-home labor warranty within 25 miles of our locations.

Not at this time, but we demo cook on one of our grills every Saturday for customer sampling.