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We're all about offering top-notch products without breaking the bank. Found a better price elsewhere? Don't just tell us, challenge us! We won't just match it; we'll go one step further and beat it!

Before purchasing your gas grill, it's crucial to determine the type of gas—either LP (Liquid Propane) or NG (Natural Gas)—that the grill uses. There are several ways to ascertain this:

1) Utility Bill: Often, your utility bill will specify the type of gas you're being charged for. This is one of the most straightforward methods.

2) Gas Meter or Tank: If you have a gas meter, you're likely using Natural Gas. On the other hand, if you have a standalone tank (often in the backyard or on the side of the house), it's probably Liquid Propane.

3) Contact Your Gas Utility Company: They can provide definitive information about the type of gas supplied to your home.

4) Check Grill Manual: If you're trying to determine the gas type for an existing grill, the user manual or a label on the grill itself often specifies the required gas type.

5) Physical Characteristics: Natural Gas is typically delivered through a permanent hard line. Liquid Propane, on the other hand, can be supplied via replaceable tanks. Additionally, LP might be sourced from larger propane tanks located on the property, either buried underground or positioned above ground.Always ensure you're using the correct gas type for safety and optimal grill performance.

While numerous brands manufacture pellet smokers capable of reaching temperatures suitable for grilling, not all brands inherently possess this capability. However, with the addition of specific accessories, many pellet grills can be enhanced to achieve temperatures hot enough for searing, even if they don't cook via direct heat.

Absolutely! The sales team at BBQ Outfitters utilizes several programs to assist with design work. We offer 3D design services, providing all essential dimensions and cut-out information to ensure precision and accuracy in our designs.

The feasibility largely depends on the specific grill model you own. If the manufacturer of your grill doesn't offer a conversion kit, we strongly advise against using third-party solutions. Relying on so-called "Universal Kits" can lead to potential hazards, such as gas leaks and fire risks. Additionally, using these kits on top-tier grills can result in damage and compromise safety.

Higher-priced grills typically come with enhanced features and more robust components. These can include interior lighting, powered ignition as opposed to battery-operated systems, sturdier grates, integrated smoker boxes, hood assist mechanisms, sear burners, and built-in rotisserie motors, among other premium additions. Additionally, most high-end grills boast a higher BTU output (more heat), allowing them to achieve significantly hotter temperatures. This not only ensures faster cooking but also offers greater versatility in cooking options.

While we don't construct permanent islands ourselves, we can recommend trusted contractors for the job. Alternatively, we offer modular metal islands from reputable brands like Challenger Designs, Danver, and NatureKast. Our team is equipped to assist with the design of any type of outdoor kitchen island or other structure, and we can handle the full installation of modular structures, provided that gas, electric, and plumbing connections are already in place.

We provide servicing for grills and other products purchased from us, with the first 12 months of service included at no additional cost. After the initial 12 months, we continue to offer service for issues within our expertise. If it's something beyond our scope, we'll gladly refer you to one of our trusted partners.

While we don't offer in-house grill cleaning services, we have a trusted partner to whom we confidently refer our customers.

We provide installation services for Gas Logs. Additionally, if needed, we have a roster of trusted partners to whom we can refer our customers.

Yes, we provide free assembly for all products purchased locally, whether you choose to pick them up or opt for our paid white-glove delivery service. Please note that if you elect for standard shipping through our website, assembly is not included. Please give us a call if you have any further questions!

You bet! We provide delivery services, which encompasses transporting the equipment to its designated location. However, an exception to this is offset smokers weighing over 800 lbs. If you've ever faced the challenge of maneuvering a ceramic grill up stairs or across a gravel path, you'll understand the immense value of this service!

Absolutely! From the moment you place your order, we oversee the entire process, facilitating the delivery of your purchase to your doorstep anywhere within the continental US.

Absolutely! We've got your back with a 12-month service warranty on all products for those within a 35-mile hop, skip, and jump from either of our store locations. A bit further out? Give us a shout! We're known to bend the rules now and then. Plus, most of the sizzling products we offer come with parts warranties, ranging from a quick year to a lifetime (that's a lot of BBQs!). And hey, while we might occasionally team up with the manufacturer to sort things out, always ring us up first. We're all about keeping things simple and fun, aiming to be your go-to BBQ buddy whenever you need!

Every Saturday, both our locations turn into a BBQ fiesta with cooking demos! It's our favorite time of the week, where we get to spill the beans on our top-secret tips and tricks. And guess what? We're turning up the heat in 2024 with full-blown cooking classes! So, keep your eyes peeled and taste buds ready, because our BBQ pros are eager to share their sizzling secrets and craft with you. Let's get grilling!

Yes, any area with a gas connection or where gas is present requires proper ventilation. This ensures that any potential gas leakage can safely escape.