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  • Armadillo Eggs

    Oct 22 2019

    Armadillo Eggs "Here in Texas we call these Armadillo Eggs. They are so meaty and hearty that we may start calling them Meat Church E...

  • Chorizo Jalapeño Poppers

    Oct 22 2019

    Chorizo Jalapeño Poppers "Tired of the same old jalapeño poppers? Well kick them up a notch by adding a little pork chorizo! We const...

  • Pig Shots

    Oct 21 2019

    Pig Shots  " This is a simple and amazing appetizer or tailgating recipe!"

  • Sweet Thai Chili Chicken Wings

    Oct 21 2019

    Sweet Thai Chili Chicken Wings   "We love making wings. They are cheap and can be made so many different ways. Sweet Thai chili chi...

  • Kick Ash Basket: Delicious Wild Turkey on the Grill

    Oct 21 2019

    Hunting Season is Here! Another great recipe from our friends at Kick Ash Basket. This one comes direct from their newsletter. Delicio...