What’s Hot About the Alfa One Pizza Oven?

What’s Hot About the Alfa One Pizza Oven?

An Alfa One pizza oven


A pizza oven in your backyard is the perfect blend of absolute control and total relaxation – two things you just can’t get when eating out. You can’t even get the first one when you order takeout since somebody else decided what went into your food. 

Ask any pizza fan if their favorite food could possibly be improved. They’ll tell you that outside of being free, it’s a gift from the universe. Ask any backyard chef if their pizza oven could be better, and they’ll probably say the same thing.

There’s always room for improvement, though, and there’s one fantastic feature that only some ovens have that offers a different kind of “free”: portability! That’s right. No more fixed ovens where you always have to go to somebody else’s yard or the gang always visits yours.

The Alfa brand offers some very impressive options. The Alfa One Pizza Oven provides the freedom to fire a pie wherever you want alongside some of the most impressive cooking stats for its class. Read our Alfa One Pizza Oven review to discover why they’re such a hot investment!


The Unique Vibe of Personal Pizza Ovens

Your backyard is more beautiful than any bistro. Seriously. Nobody was ever thrilled to look up and see light fixtures, ceiling tiles, and a few cobwebs. Looking up to see sunshine, sunsets, or the stars is way more atmospheric and makes pizza something spectacular. 

Pizzas made in wood-burning ovens have less saturated fat and calories than alternatives and aren’t packed with sodium and preservatives like frozen ones.

They’re also unbeatable for freshness, cost less to make than eating out/ordering in, and can be whipped up on a whim (pizza restaurants do have closing hours, sadly). Now let’s look at how the Alfa One has been burning up the reviews!

All That’s Awesome About the Alfa One Pizza Oven

It only takes a quick online search to see that the Alfa One Pizza Oven has a ton of positive reviews. That’s what happens when a product has so many neat features. The raves all neatly capture the various selling points of this fantastic little pizza oven and why people love this brand so much:


- It’s Truly Portable!

One thing every Alfa One Pizza Oven review picks up on is how surprisingly small this pizza oven is. It weighs only 50 kilograms (that’s 110 pounds) with constructed dimensions of 29 x 22 x 19 inches.

The whole package can be carried home in a box that’s only 30x22x18.5 inches. This doesn’t stop it from making a
mean Neapolitan pizza and a lot more besides!


- Unique Design for Super-Hot Fire 

A hallmark of Alfa ovens is their domed shape. This feature allows for greater heat retention and distribution for superior cooking.

They’re also globally renowned (and glowingly reviewed) for their ceramic fiber insulation, interchangeable refractory tile floors, and stainless-steel bodies.

It all adds up to an oven that can hit 750 degrees Fahrenheit in ten minutes and cook pizzas in 90 seconds.


- Top-Flight Technology for Mouthwatering Tastes 

The Alfa One pizza oven uses two kinds of tech: Heat Genius and Forninox. Those might sound like a superhero and their arch enemy, but they’re actually a chef’s best friends.

Forninox helps you save fuel while fortifying the Alfa One against high temperatures to ensure reliable performance. Heat Genius is the
triple-tiered design that makes that performance possible.


- A Very Visual Pizza Oven 

Alfa One Pizza Oven reviews know their readers want an oven that’s as user-friendly as possible and won’t frazzle their Fugazza. That’s why it gets five stars for its exterior Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer that makes at-a-glance heat gauging a breeze.

The Alfa One also has a built-in viewing window so you can watch how your pizza is progressing.


- The Alfa One Pizza Oven Price 

Some pizza ovens out there can run to over two, three, or four thousand dollars. The Alfa One Pizza Oven price is extremely competitive, at only $1499.99, and delivers on par with products costing many times more.

Not every homeowner has the room for a whole outdoor kitchen in their backyard, either. The Alfa One makes outdoor cooking possible no matter how little space you’re working with.


- The Big Mouth Everyone Talks About 

Another thing praised in Alfa One Pizza Oven reviews is its wide oven mouth. This is yet another feature that allows maximum heat in the cooking chamber. It also makes it much easier to get utensils in there to turn the pizza around, providing enough space to fit a pie that will feed up to 10 people.


- Faster Than a Speeding Sardenara 

Reviewers rave about how fast the Alfa One can cook a pizza, but not every site mentions how crazy quick it is to set up the oven itself. Simply add the chimney cowl, fix the flue, screw in the leveling feet, and voilà: a pizza oven ready to use in five minutes!

There are even more great things to come from Alfa. Their strong showing at this year’s KBIS show revealed some exciting stuff, like the new Moderno 2 Pizze oven, which can cook two pizzas at once. They also unveiled the Classico 2 Pizze oven (guess how many this oven cooks simultaneously).

The Moderno will be hybrid-fueled (wood and gas capable), while the Classico will be gas only for now, with extra cooking space for the chef. That’s only two of plenty more coming to a quality pizza oven showroom near you. You can bet BBQ Outfitters will have them when they hit!

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