Ultimate Backyard Kitchen Guide: Design, Zones & Tips


Picture your outdoor space morphing into a lively center for exciting times, where the scent of barbecued treats blends with the crispness of open air. Welcome to the world of the backyard kitchen, an oasis for those who cherish cooking under the sky as much as they love dining beneath it. 

Here, every meal is not just food; it's an event—a celebration crafted with flames and seasoned with nature's ambiance. The shift from indoor stoves to open-air cooktops isn't new but has evolved magnificently, becoming more than just a trend. It's a lifestyle embraced by many seeking to add flavor not only to their dishes but also to their lives.

This blog will take you through the evolution of the backyard kitchen and show you how changing times of family and social gatherings can necessitate a change in the backyard space.

Exploring Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple grill setup to a full-blown culinary oasis, simple outdoor kitchen ideas and options are endless.

A mini outdoor kitchen (less than 10 linear feet) is the simplest, which can include different types of grilsl, some storage, and a small countertop. A large kitchen (more than 20 linear feet) can include all the bells and whistles like a pizza oven, wine cooler, pergola, and outdoor heaters.

But it's not just about the appliances. To craft a space that truly invites, blending elements of both indoor and outdoor living is paramount. Elevate your garden's allure and usefulness by installing privacy barriers, vibrant flowers, and elevated plots brimming with both culinary herbs and ornamental blossoms.

Creating Zones in Your Backyard Kitchen

Just like any indoor kitchen, creating zones in your outdoor space is crucial for functionality and flow. The four main zones to consider are hot, cold, wet, and dry.

The hot zone is all about the cooking area, whether that's a built-in charcoal grill, smoker, or pizza oven. By designating specific areas for each task, you'll create a more efficient and enjoyable outdoor cooking experience. Additionally, it ensures both the cook and visitors remain content and well-arranged.

The Cold Zone

In the cold zone, attention is directed toward cooling solutions for edibles and beverages. 

The Wet  and Dry Zone

The wet zone is where you'll find the sink for food prep and cleanup. And the dry zone is dedicated to meal prep and serving.

Building Durable Cabinets for Outdoor Kitchens

The practical need for storage space in your outdoor kitchen makes adding some cabinets a must. Keep your cooking utensils, kitchen towels, and kitchen essentials at your fingertips with ample storage under your outdoor meal prep countertops.

Stainless-steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets that house appliances and offer storage are a focal point of outdoor living areas. They come with a powder coating that reduces corrosion and staining. And they add design and function to your space.

Give Your Backyard Kitchen a Beautiful Touch

So, we've journeyed through the lush terrain of backyard kitchens, from the cozy corners adorned with essential grills to those sprawling gourmet stages under starlit skies.

Delving into the realm of outdoor kitchens showed us it's far more than just placing shiny metal drawers or a barbecue in your backyard; it’s crafting an oasis where practicality dances gracefully with beauty.

For more information or to get started on building your backyard kitchen space, contact BBQ Outfitters today!