9 Reasons to Buy an Alfa Pizza Oven

by Layne Mayfield

Pizza! It’s one of the country’s favorite things. A whopping 98% of Americans eat pizza – a statistic that considers every type of pie, from frozen to flame-grilled. Guess which tastes better?

Many people prefer their pizzas at home. This makes the right oven a perfect addition to any outdoor area, so here are nine reasons why Alfa pizza ovens are worth your consideration. You can thank us later!

1. Alfa Isn’t Just a Catchy Name

This 40-year-old company is at the forefront of innovation in design and performance and has gathered widespread praise for its products from publications like Popular Mechanics and Homes and Gardens. Alfa ovens are the result of loving Italian craftsmanship, which has created models that light fast, cook quickly, and are extremely fuel efficient.

Alfa serves residential and commercial customers with models capable of making any backyard chef feel like a Neapolitan natural! Their patented technology has turned them into market leaders and helped them forge some of the highest-quality ovens in the world.

2. Ovens Make the Tastiest Pizza. Period.

Two of the Alfa models we’re spotlighting are wood powered. This means they can unlock delicious scents and tastes that only compounds found in smoke can release. These include phenols, which can add a spicy flavor, and vanillin, which can add sweetness. Guaiacol bestows a smoky taste, and syringol provides that smoky aroma (it’s science).

3. They’re Part of an Effective Outdoor Kitchen

Pizza ovens look great when positioned among patio furniture, elevated on a deck, or as a unique complement to some of the awesome flame grills available, like Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg. Pizza ovens can also be drawn into an outdoor kitchen from the design stage to make them a central feature.

4. The Alfa One Pizza Oven Is a Mini Miracle

Portable pizza baking is possible thanks to the One’s 50 kilograms of copper-colored innovation. It can rev up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit within ten minutes and cook a pizza in one and a half! Give it longer, and you’ll be pie-slinging at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 10 people.

The Alfa One pizza oven’s patented deflector makes the most of the model’s petite dimensions and ensures there’s no compromise on heat and cooking quality. This little legend can handle big bread batches up to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) and may be the only grill you ever need if outdoor space is limited.

5. The Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven Is Fun on Wheels

Ciao down (sorry) without being tied down with this moveable, lightweight model that makes pizza a piece of cake. Wood-fired and built to feed 8 to 18 people, the Alfa Ciao pizza oven comes in yellow or silver grey and can accept up to 2 kilos of bread.

You won’t have to worry about a well-cooked crust. The Ciao can also fire up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which poses no problem for its stainless steel or powder coating. Choose from top, top and base, or top and table versions for an oven that holds heat for a very long time.

6. The Alfa Stone Pizza Oven Is a Rock Star

The biggest of the Alfa range! The Alfa Stone pizza oven is a gas-powered giant that can serve up to 20 pizza lovers in its largest model and 18 in the medium-sized.

The large Stone can cook four pizzas at once with the medium cooking two, and each can handle four and two kilos of bread, respectively. Rapid heating times mean pizza is ready in thirty minutes from dough to dinner plate, and a large glass door lets the chef keep an eye on how things are progressing.

7. Pizza Ovens are Empowering and Healthy Things

Oh, the pizzas. Veggie. BBQ. Hawaiian. They’re all delicious! An Alfa oven can help you make them all happen or become the site for some exciting pizza experiments. Here are some of Alfa’s tips on making the best pizzas to supply even more food for thought.

Then there’s your waistline and cardiovascular health. Dining out leaves you pretty powerless over what goes into your food, like sodium, additives, etc. Your own oven puts you in charge of food content and lets you decide on calorie and fat content.

8. Pizza Ovens Create Unique Experiences for Your Home

Folks don’t reminisce about waiting for Domino’s delivery or gathering around the microwave’s rosy glow. Alfa pizza ovens create a special vibe of their own, offering open eating and entertainment possibilities you don’t get any other way. Enhance your outdoor living experience with pizza parties and make lots of great memories while you’re serving slices.

9. They’ll Save (and Could Make) You Money

Who wants some dollars with their deep dish? Investing in an Alfa pizza oven is the gift that keeps on giving. No more expensive restaurant tabs, added tax, travel expenses, or tipping. A quality oven – especially when it’s part of an outdoor kitchen – can also raise private property value or entice new tenants into rented spaces.

There’s one more Alfa oven you should check out: the 4 Pizze that comes in built-in or freestanding models. You can find it beside the others at BBQ Outfitters!

Pick Your Perfect Pizza Oven with Us

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