Gas Grill with Side Burner: Upgrade Your BBQ Game

natural gas grill with side burner


Key Takeaways:

  1. Versatility: A side burner allows for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, enhancing menu options and efficiency.
  2. Fuel Choice: Decide between propane for portability and hotter flames or natural gas for a continuous supply.
  3. Size Fit: Match grill size to your space and needs, considering cooking area and number of burners.
  4. Added Features: Look for grills with warming racks, grease pans, and storage to improve convenience and cleanliness.
  5. Model Type: Choose between freestanding for flexibility or built-in for a seamless outdoor kitchen integration.

Stepping up your outdoor cooking game? A grill with side burner might just be the game-changer you need. This piece dives into why incorporating one into your setup can elevate not just the flavors but also how efficiently you manage space and multitask during those bustling cookouts.

Navigating through gas grill choices, like propane versus natural gas, ensuring the perfect fit for your culinary desires, and uncovering handy strategies will transform each barbecue into a breeze. Expect insights on selecting models that blend seamlessly with your outdoor kitchen aesthetics while packing a punch in performance.

By the end of this read, you’ll have a clearer view on optimizing your cooking area, making informed decisions about fuel types and understanding the perks of added features like warming racks and storage options.

Let's get ready to transform how you grill with a natural gas grill with side burners!

Understanding the Basics of a Grill with Side Burner

What is a Side Burner?

A grill with side burner is like having an outdoor kitchen powerhouse at your fingertips. Imagine multitasking while cooking, grilling steaks on the main burners while simmering a gourmet sauce or boiling corn on the cob right beside it.

These marvels are typically fueled by propane or natural gas, offering convenience and efficiency that can transform any backyard into an entertainer's paradise.

The beauty lies in its versatility; whether you're hosting a large gathering or just making dinner for two, having that extra cooking area means you’re not running back and forth to your indoor kitchen.

By integrating this arrangement, you're granted the luxury of reveling in the sun's embrace for extended periods, uninterrupted by indoor tasks.

The Benefits for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

If you're into hosting and delighting friends, incorporating a grill equipped with an auxiliary burner into your patio culinary lineup transforms the entire experience. Not only does it allow for preparing multiple dishes simultaneously—saving time and reducing stress—but it also elevates your menu possibilities beyond traditional barbecue fare.

Consider this: While searing burgers on high heat over the main burners, delicate sides or sauces can gently come together on the side burner without missing a beat in conversation.

Plus, these units often come equipped with additional features such as warming racks and grease pans to keep food ready-to-serve and cleanup minimal.

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Grill with Side Burner

Fuel Type and Efficiency

When eyeing that shiny new grill with a side burner, the first thing you've got to consider is what's going to fuel your fire. Will it be propane or natural gas? Both have their champions and critics.

Propane grills are all about convenience; they're ready to go wherever you are, from tailgating parties to camping adventures. But for those who hate running out of gas mid-steak, natural gas grills offer an endless supply from your home line - just make sure you're in it for the long haul because installation can be a bit more complex.

Let's talk efficiency. Natural gas burns cleaner but usually requires a higher upfront investment both in the grill itself and possibly some outdoor kitchen modifications. On the flip side, propane gives you portability and hotter flames which means quicker sear marks on those ribeyes.

Size Matters

grill with side burner

If size didn't matter, we'd all be cooking our BBQ feasts on tiny portable grills. Jokes aside, when purchasing a gas grill with side burners, considering how much space you've got versus how much cooking area size you need is crucial.

With options ranging from compact 2 main burners up to expansive 6-burner behemoths priced anywhere between $200-$4000, there’s something for every patio size and budget at BBQ Outfitters.

A larger primary cooking area lets everyone know who’s boss of the backyard barbecue scene but remember: more burners mean more control over temperature zones – essential for chefs juggling multiple dishes simultaneously without breaking into a sweat (or burning anything).

Advantages of Adding a Side Burner to Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you love hosting backyard cookouts, adding a side burner to your outdoor kitchen setup can be a game-changer. Embracing the convenience of culinary multitasking effortlessly enhances your grilling experience.

What is a Side Burner?

At first glance, a side burner appears to be merely an additional dial on your barbecue; however, it truly embodies the essence of adaptability in alfresco culinary endeavors. Whether it’s propane or natural gas-powered, this little powerhouse lets you multitask like a pro.

Imagine simmering BBQ sauce while searing steaks—without running back and forth to the indoor kitchen.

The best part? You’re not limited by fuel type. Both propane gas grills and natural gas models offer high-quality side burners that integrate seamlessly into your existing setup.

The Benefits for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

Talk about efficiency. With everything from boiling water for corn to sautéing veggies handled right next to where you're grilling meats, having this feature means more time mingling with guests and less juggling pots and pans indoors.

The ability to cook multiple items at once isn’t just convenient; it elevates your entire menu without breaking sweat.

This upgrade fits perfectly within any size or style of an outdoor kitchen—from compact spaces needing every square inch optimized for utility, right up through sprawling luxury setups where convenience meets elegance.

And if variety is the spice of life, then imagine the possibilities when sides aren't afterthoughts but stars shining alongside main dishes thanks to these powerful burners.

Top Grill Models Featuring Side Burners from

For those passionate about outdoor cooking, discovering the perfect grill equipped with a side burner becomes an essential step in enhancing your culinary space. It not only empowers you to juggle multiple dishes simultaneously but also serves as the perfect companion for hosting gatherings.

What is a Side Burner?

A side burner acts like an extra hand in your outdoor cooking adventures. It lets you simmer sauces or boil veggies without having to run back and forth between your indoor kitchen and grill. And when we talk about power, these burners are typically fueled by either propane or natural gas, giving you efficient and controlled heat.

To dive into some of the top picks available on that feature high-quality side burners suitable for every grilling need, check out the Napoleon Prestige® 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill with its infrared rear and side burners, offering unparalleled versatility and power.

For those seeking even more luxury and performance, the Napoleon Prestige PRO™ 665 RSIB Propane Gas Grill and the Napoleon Prestige PRO™ 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill offer top-tier features for the ultimate grilling experience. For those preferring a classic yet powerful option, the Napoleon Prestige® 500 Propane Gas Grill provides exceptional performance and durability.

Weber enthusiasts will appreciate the sleek design and reliable performance of the Weber Genesis S-435 LP SS and the Weber Genesis E-435 LP BLK, both of which offer ample cooking space and the convenience of side burners for a comprehensive cooking experience.

The Benefits for Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

Imagine hosting a backyard party where everything from the steak to the sautéed mushrooms is cooked outdoors. With models ranging in price from $200 to $4000 and featuring 2 to 6 main burners, there's something for everyone at BBQ Outfitters.

Whether you prefer stainless steel options known for their rust-resistant qualities or ones with porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates that ensure even heating – it’s all about maximizing convenience without compromising on taste.

Beyond just basic functionality, these grills come loaded with features such as warming racks, grease pans, heat thermometers, storage racks, tool holder, enclosed cabinet, ignition systems, LED lights, temperature gauge, and infrared burner, which further enhance your cooking experience making them not just appliances but partners in culinary excellence.

Practical Tips for Maximizing Your Grill's Side Burner Use

If you've ever found yourself juggling pots and pans on your kitchen stove while trying to manage the main course on your outdoor grill, it's time to give that side burner a real workout. Far from being merely an add-on, the side burner revolutionizes the art of alfresco culinary creations.

Unlocking the Power of Direct Heat

Searing steaks or simmering sauces? Your side burner can handle both with ease. Employing controlled direct warmth grants you meticulous command over the heat, guaranteeing your culinary creations are perfectly executed every time.

The beauty of boiling water outdoors has never been more apparent than when prepping sides like corn or pasta without having to leave the BBQ scene. It’s all about efficiency and keeping flavors fresh under the open sky.

A Symphony of Flavors Right at Your Fingertips

Moving beyond mere functionality, think of your grill with its handy side burner as part of a larger orchestra where each instrument plays its crucial role in creating harmony - only here, we're talking juicy burgers paired with sautéed veggies or mouth-watering seafood concoctions complemented by quick stir-fried noodles.

Juggling various tasks seamlessly ensures that excellence remains uncompromised. With everything within arm’s reach and no need to dash back into the kitchen, hosting becomes less hectic and more enjoyable.

This convenience factor alone makes adding a side burner to your outdoor kitchen setup worth considering if you love entertaining guests.

Features That Enhance Your Grilling Experience

When it comes to elevating your grilling game, don't just settle for any gas grill. The market is brimming with options that offer not only a cooking space but an entire culinary adventure right in your backyard. It's all about the features—warming racks, grease pans, heat thermometers, and storage solutions—that turn ordinary grills into outdoor kitchen powerhouses.

Warming Racks: Keep it Hot

A warming rack is no mere accessory; it's a game-changer. Imagine this: You've grilled the perfect steak but someone's running late. No problem. Just pop that beauty on the warming rack. These handy shelves keep food toasty without further cooking them—a lifesaver for hosting or family dinners.

Not only do they maintain your meals at the perfect temperature, but these racks are also fantastic for gently cooking or warming bread and accompaniments. Gas grills often include these racks because they understand nobody likes a cold burger.

Grease Pans & Heat Thermometers: A Cleaner Cookout

No one signs up for messy cleanups post-barbecue bliss. Enter grease pans—an unsung hero catching drippings and making after-party tidying less of a chore.

To avoid playing guessing games with meat doneness, heat thermometers are your best friend. They ensure you serve perfectly cooked meals every time by eliminating guesswork on temperatures—because nobody enjoys charred chicken or undercooked pork.

The Storage Secret

Last but certainly not least are storage options like enclosed cabinets and tool holders which transform your grill from merely functional to fabulously convenient.

You'll wonder how you ever managed without these spaces designed to store spices, utensils, cleaning supplies, and even propane tanks out of sight yet within easy reach. So when considering new additions to your outdoor kitchen remember—it’s those extra features that can take your cookouts from good to unforgettable.

Selecting Between Freestanding vs Built-in Models

Choosing the right grill with a side burner for your outdoor kitchen boils down to two main styles: freestanding models and built-in models. Each has its unique perks that cater to different lifestyles and spaces.

Freestanding Models

For those who love flexibility, freestanding grills are the way to go. They offer portability so you can move them around your patio or take them on trips. You'll find these models in a range of sizes, boasting large main cooking spaces and several heaters, ideal for throwing sizable barbecues.

Often, their architecture is enhanced with extras such as built-in storage spaces, simplified grease management systems, and shelves to maintain your dishes at the ideal serving temperature. With prices ranging from $200 to $4000, there's a freestanding model out there that fits both your budget and grilling needs.

Built-in Models

If you're aiming for an elegant look that blends seamlessly into custom outdoor kitchens, built-in models are unmatched. Integrating them demands more upfront thought on how to allocate space in your outdoor area, yet they merge flawlessly into the overall design.

Built-ins also boast high-end features such as LED lighting under control panels or infrared burners designed for intense heat distribution—perfect for searing steaks. While these might be pricier investments initially (think starting at around $1k), they pay off by elevating the aesthetics of your entertaining area while providing top-notch functionality.

In summary, whether it’s the adaptability of freestanding grills or the sleek integration offered by built-ins into custom setups - selecting between these comes down to what best suits your lifestyle and space considerations.

The Colorful World of Gas Grills

Who said grilling has to be a drab affair? Forget the traditional stainless steel; it's time to dive into the vibrant options that gas grills now offer. From sleek black to radiant red, these color choices are not just about cooking but also about making a style statement in your outdoor kitchen.

Why Color Matters

Gone are the days when gas grills came in one standard look. Now, available colors include black, gray, blue, green, and red alongside classic stainless steel. This variety means you can choose a grill that not only fits your cooking needs but also complements your patio or backyard decor.

Imagine hosting a barbecue with a striking blue gas grill as the centerpiece of your outdoor setup—it’s bound to get people talking. Picking the perfect hue for your grill not only mirrors your unique character but also enhances the vibe of every barbecue you throw.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Selecting from gas grills' color options, like stainless steel, black, gray, blue, green, and red, is exciting yet daunting. It's essential to consider how each hue aligns with other elements in your outdoor space.

A black or gray model might suit modern aesthetics well while adding pops of blue or green could bring energy and vibrancy perfect for family gatherings.

Choosing a gas grill with color offers more than just culinary delights; it weaves beautiful memories amidst vibrant surroundings.

Whether you're drawn towards subtlety or boldness, there's something out there for everyone—making every barbeque session uniquely yours.

Find The Perfect Grill With Side Burners at BBQ Outfitters

Mastering outdoor cuisine involves realizing it's more than just barbecuing; it's about crafting a dynamic, versatile area to elevate every gathering.

From propane to natural gas, size matters but so does choosing features like warming racks and storage options. Opting for the right grill intricately molds its integration into your culinary techniques and enhances the visual appeal of your al fresco cooking arena.

Remember, the right grill boosts not just flavor but also convenience. It’s about making every meal an experience while ensuring everything from searing to simmering is effortlessly within reach.

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