Doing the Dirty Work: How to Clean Your Big Green Egg

by Chris Commins
Hand with soapy cloth in front of a bunch of grill parts and a bowl of dirty water.


Key Takeaways:

    • Keeping your grill clean is an essential part of an outdoor kitchen
    • Dirty grills lead to germs and are a fire hazard
    • Cleaning a Big Green Egg is easier than most outdoor chefs believe
    • Plain soap and water are all that’s required to clean the Big Green Egg


When cooking is part of an event, so is cleaning, even when it’s outside. 

Cooking and cleaning go together. Anytime you prepare food, you want the cooking area to be sparkling clean and germ-free. The only way to accomplish that is with thorough cleanings and proper maintenance.

The Big Green Egg is a unique grill that needs special attention to keep providing you with the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience. 

Improper cleaning eventually affects the way your Big Green Egg works. A build-up of dirt and grime changes the flavor of your food and can void your warranty if it causes damage to the grill. 

Grease and carbon accelerate the rusting process. Leftover fat and sugary marinades draw insects and vermin that eat away at the surface of the grates and defecate inside. The burners are also affected by excess debris. 

The Big Green Egg makes everything about cooking outside easier, even the clean-up. This guide details each step in the cleaning process, so you know everything you need to know about how to clean a big green egg and continue grilling perfectly.

Are Big Green Eggs Easy to Clean? 

The BGE makes everything about outdoor cookery easier, including the clean-up. It doesn’t take any special tools, chemicals, or equipment – a simple cleaning solution and a soft rag are all you need. The key is to begin with a few crucial preventative measures before using your Big Green Egg. 

Remember never to use harsh chemicals on any part of your Big Green Egg. It can damage the coatings and leave residue behind. 

Cleaning the Inside of a Big Green Egg

Before using the Big Green Egg, you’ll want to do a clean burn. A Big Green Egg clean burn will burn any residual fumes from coating or traveling. Simply fill the grill with lump charcoal and get the hottest burn you can. It helps to open all the vents and remove the vent cap. 

The burn should last an hour before cooling down. Regular maintenance begins after the initial clean burn with a few simple steps. 

-A plastic paint scraper is the best way to clean the inside of the grill. Wait for it to cool and use the scraper to dislodge any stuck-on food or splashes of marinade or juices. 

-When all the burnt gunk is at the bottom of the grill, remove the grates, firebox, and fire rings. Dump the ashes and used charcoal into an ash can. Shop vacs help remove any remaining ash and charcoal bits. Use it on the firebox and fire rings while out of the grill and replace them to start cooking.

-The grates in the BGE are built to withstand the corrosion of smoke, acidic foods, and high temperatures but still need cleaning to last for years. Steel scrubbers or brushes scratch and erode the surface, which can cause flakes that end up in your food.

Wipe the inside of a cool grill with a soft towel and warm, soapy water. Perform these regular maintenance steps after every use to ensure great grilling for many more years. 

Cleaning the Outside of a Big Green Egg

The deep green enamel finish of the Big Green Egg is more than just an eyecatcher. It serves as insulation and a protectorate for the ceramic body of the BGE. Just wiping it off with a damp towel is typically enough to keep it perfectly clean. The next few steps are just as easy.

-Remove the nest and fold-out trays. Mix warm water with a drop or two of dish soap and use it to wipe any debris or grease away. Rinse with plain warm water. 

-The soapy water is also useful on the dome if plain water doesn’t work. 

-Wait until the grill is completely cool before cleaning. 

-Use a clean burn to clean the daisy wheel. Wipe it with a warm wet towel afterward.

    It’s never a good idea to use a wire brush or anything abrasive on the outer surface of a Big Green Egg. Ensure the cleaning process is as simple as possible to keep your Big Green Egg working at its best. 

    If you have a grill cart for your Big Green Egg, you can easily move it to clean around the whole grill.


    Keep Your Big Green Egg Working Its Best

    Letting grime, grease, and food particles build up in your grill is unsanitary. It can lead to illness. It’s also a fire hazard. Mounds of old grease flame easily and can quickly get out of hand. You can do a few things to keep your BGE working as well as the day you bought it.

    -Clean burn at least three times per year. Maybe more if it’s in constant use. 

    -Remember that your Big Green Egg is ceramic. Harsh chemicals, vinegar, alcohol, and other cleaning agents are absorbed and can translate into the next food you prepare. 

    -Wipe out after every use.

    -Regularly inspect the lid seal to ensure it is attached.

      Make sure you use the cover when the Big Green Egg isn’t in use. Store it in a shady spot to avoid sun damage.

      Big Green Egg grills are made of quality materials with excellent craftsmanship. Proper maintenance will help your Big Green Egg keep grilling up fabulous meals for your family for years to come. 

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      Cleaning your Big Green Egg is such a breeze. It’s great to know that something so easy can extend the life of your investment for so long. We can help maintain your outdoor kitchen, no matter what grill you use. We know how to help with everything from design and planning to delivery and installation, whether you cook for your family or the whole neighborhood. 

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