How to clean your gas grill

by Nick Jones

Finally, you find it. Your perfect grill. You can’t help but admire it’s shiny, stainless steel exterior and untainted cooking grids. Heck, you don’t even want to cook on it it’s so pretty.

But, like all grill owners, you give into temptation. A lot. Before you know it, that perfect grill is looking anything but new.

The good news? That’s perfectly normal. Grills are supposed to discolor just like grill grids are supposed to turn black. It’s just part of the process. Blackened grill grids have the same effect on your food that your grandmother’s seasoned cast-iron skillet has on her food. It provides the food a distinct flavor all its own.

This is not to deter you from EVER cleaning your grill however. If cleaned and taken care of regularly, your grill will last anywhere from 4-8 years. Some brands even up to 20 years!

Here are some tips on how to care for your gas grill:

Before You Grill

In all steps of grilling, spray oil is going to be very important. It serves dually as a grill protectant and a non-stick coating. We recommend Weber’s spray oil because it coats the grill well and guarantees little to no flare-ups.

Before you grill, remember to spray the oil first on your cooking area then allow the grill to heat. This will create a micro-layer of protection for your grids and prepare them to be cooked on.

Immediately After You Grill

A hot grill is an easy grill to clean. That’s why it is crucial to clean your grill immediately after you cook.

After removing the food, we suggest lowering the lid for 5 minutes and allowing the excess oil and food drippings to burn off. Then, spray your cooking area again with oil (not as much this time), and start scrubbing your grids and grill inside with a good grill brush. Some of our favorite grill brush brands are Saber, Big Green Egg, and Brush Tech.

Don’t forget your drip tray! It is strongly recommended to check it every time and give it a quick wipe down for sanitary reasons. This is especially vital for folks that like to cook foods with high fat content like ribeyes.

Cleaning Year Round

Just because grill season ends doesn’t mean your grill care should. We advise pulling everything out of your grill, twice a year (or in your off-seasons), and conducting a good inspection. This will allow you to find anything left behind from past grillings and clean your grill thoroughly. It will also allow you to examine your grill’s parts and pieces and make sure they are in-tact and do not need to be replaced.

If cleaned and cared for properly, your grill will last you years and years to come. For more information on gas grills, gas grill cleaning, and gas grill cleaning tools, please visit