The 5 Best Things About Memphis Wood Fire Grills

by Layne Mayfield

Grilled sausages and vegetables being cooked over flame

Let’s face it: It seems like for the past decade or two, part of the American dream is installing your own outdoor kitchen. People love to grill, love spending time outdoors, and enjoy spending time with friends. An outdoor kitchen allows us to do all of these things together in comfort and style, and having a woodfire grill installed kicks it up another notch.

Woodfire grilling is how humans have enjoyed cooked food for millennia – technically. OK, there was no grilling hardware back then, and BBQs, as we know them, didn’t start taking shape until the 1600s, but the basic technique is the same!

Fast forward to now, and there are more grills on the market than you can shake a basting brush at. Among the greatest are Memphis Wood Fire Grills: a company that prides itself on making futuristic advances in an ancient way to cook.

A future-facing attitude isn’t the only quality that makes this brand worth your time. Here are the five best things about Memphis Wood Fire Grills and how you can make them part of your outdoor living experience.

1. Memphis Grills Get Rave Reviews

These award-winning grills have earned glowing praise for their versatility, features, and flavorful results, such as this review for the Memphis Advantage and the endorsement of BBQ guru Steven Raichlen. Let’s spotlight two of the impressive models available:

  • Memphis Pro Built-in Grill ITC3
  • This double-walled design features the brand’s patented IntelliBurn Technology™ for clean and efficient grilling. Boosted starting power, quicker cooldowns, and improved temperature consistency are just some of its fantastic features, like monitoring temperatures via Wi-Fi!

  • Memphis Elite Cart Grill ITC3
  • This versatile and controllable grill goes where the gathering is to provide a wide variety of grilling styles and a temperature range of up to 700°F. Quicker startup and greater fuel efficiency complement included tools like a meat probe and direct flame insert to make cooking even more convenient.

    These are only two of the models out there, with the Pro also available as a cart grill and the Elite as a built-in. The choice is yours, whether you’re entertaining privately or have something more public in mind.

    2. They’re Perfect Partners for Property Owners, Designers, Restauranteurs, and Families

    Memphis Wood Fire Grills are the perfect addition to any apartment complex shared area and can supply a truly spectacular communal experience for tenants and their guests. They can also bring families together and make a restaurant stand out from the crowd.

    Sure, most grills do this naturally as people gather to enjoy great food and good company. A Memphis Wood Fire Grill adds something else to the mix: a dynamic, dazzling centerpiece full of flames and sparks that attracts attention and can create a warm huddle of fascinated onlookers.

    Any residential or commercial architect looking to make an outdoor kitchen truly snap, crackle, and pop would be well-served by adding a Memphis grill to their layout. Sleek, stylish, and silver never goes out of fashion. Properties with grills can boast better retention rates which is a strong argument for architects and property owners to install one ASAP!

    3. They Unlock Flavors Other Types of Grills Can’t

    We can’t argue that propane and charcoal get the grilling job done. What we can ask is: Does either one smell great or impart any unique flavor benefits for the food they cook? The answer is “not really,” unless you count when those burgers taste like lighter fluid!

    Memphis Wood Fire Grills create an incomparable aroma and infuse foods with rich tastes that gas and propane grills can’t. These smoker grills let chefs smoke, sear, roast, or bake at temperatures exceeding 900°F to really get at those deep flavors.

    That’s more than enough to caramelize vegetables, fruits, and meat proteins for flavors you can’t get any other way. Unlocking those built-in tangs is just the first benefit. This kind of grill can add flavor that isn’t already there.

    4. Woodfire Smoke Creates Flavor, Color, and Texture

    Smoker grills make food that simply tastes better. This is because woodfire smoke is full of taste-producing and taste-enhancing compounds; a study by the University of Alaska found over 400 of them! A few examples are:

    • Guaiacol and syringol, which come from burning wood lignin and add most of that smoky and occasionally clove-like taste.
    • Vanillin, which can add sweetness.
    • Phenols, which can act like spices similar to nutmeg, pepper, and cinnamon.

    Wood-fired food undergoes a fusion of sugars and proteins. This is what adds that charred, crusty edge to a cut of meat or fruits and vegetables. And that pink ring that many love on their steaks? That comes courtesy of the smoke’s nitric oxide interacting with the meat’s iron content.

    Need some menu inspiration? Use the Memphis Grill free iOS app that helps you remotely monitor its temperatures and provides step-by-step recipes to make your grill skills really smoke.

    5. Memphis Wood Fire Grills are Built to Last

    Grills can take a beating from cooks, clamoring diners, and the elements. This isn’t a problem with stainless steel, and Memphis Wood Fire Grills are the leading manufacturer of this type of design. This makes these smoker grills more resistant to rust and corrosion, easier to clean and maintain, and more capable of providing the kind of consistent cooking temperatures necessary for a great result.

    It all adds up to a cost-effective and mouthwatering way to enjoy the timeless experience of outdoor grilling. Let’s get started designing your woodfire grill outdoor kitchen space now!

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