7 Reasons to Buy a Delta Heat Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen

A Delta Heat grill in an outdoor kitchen in Texas.

Building an outdoor living space can be a gratifying experience. The finished product will become an area where friends and family can gather and spend hours catching up and creating new memories. 

The kitchen is perhaps the most critical part of any outdoor living area, as cooking meals for loved ones without heading inside ensures you don't miss any of the action. The cooking devices you purchase will significantly add to this space and alter its aesthetics and functionality.

Delta Heat offers high-end grills and accessories that will turn your outdoor kitchen into a place everyone wants to visit for a meal. This guide will examine some attributes that make Delta Heat grills a must-have for anyone serious about creating the ideal outdoor dining area.


Types of Delta Heat Grills


Looking through the Delta Heat grills for sale can be intimidating because so many products are available. The good news is that you can break these offerings down into categories and go from there. The types of Delta Heat grills include the following: 

-Built-In Grills

Delta Heat offers various built-in grills that will fit right into your outdoor kitchen. You can mount these grills on a countertop or pedestal, and they'll become permanent fixtures. These built-in grills come in 26", 32", and 38" varieties and run on liquid propane or natural gas.

-Freestanding Grills

A freestanding grill is another option when selecting a cooker for your outdoor kitchen. This type of grill is available in 26", 32", and 38" sizes and comes on a cart with wheels, making it portable, and often has side tables and storage space. Some freestanding grills feature a removable base, too, so you can turn them into built-in products once you create a space for them.

-Teppanyaki Grills

A teppanyaki grill is a flat cooking surface typically seen in a Japanese restaurant. These devices are excellent for cooking vegetables, but you can also cook fish and meat using them. Delta Heat sells teppanyaki grills that will make a wonderful addition to your outdoor cooking space.

Selecting the correct type of Delta Heat grill to meet your needs guarantees you're happy with your outdoor kitchen. Putting in some research and deciding on your preferences also ensures you can take full advantage of the benefits these products offer. 

7 Benefits of Buying a Delta Heat Grill

You'll quickly learn that Delta Heat stands out from much of the competition because of its attention to detail. Investing in a higher end grill will be a better investment than resulting in buying multiple cheap grills overtime. These products offer features sure to make every grilling experience as convenient as possible. Some benefits of buying a Delta Heat grill include the following:

1. American Made

Your Delta Heat Grill will be made in the USA. All engineering, design, and manufacturing is by Twin Eagles, Inc., an outdoor kitchen expert based in Cerritos, California. Your grill will have a Made in the USA logo etching on the front control panel, too.

2. Limited Lifetime Warranty

You'll be happy to know that Delta Heat offers a limited lifetime warranty on your grill's stainless-steel housing and burners. There is also a one-year parts and labor warranty on all components, a five-year warranty on trays and gas valves, and a 15-year warranty on the stainless-steel grates. The result is excellent protection for your grill after making a purchase. 

3. Propane and Natural Gas Options

Delta Heat has propane and natural gas grills, allowing you to decide based on your preferences. Natural gas grills are convenient because you can hook the grill directly to your home's natural gas source, although getting the system set up is an expense. Propane grills are more portable because you can move the tank with the grill, so the choice is entirely yours.

4. Sear Zones

Many Delta Heat Grills come with a sear station, a section of the grill that gets hot faster than other areas and streamlines the cooking process. You can put your steak in this area and sear it immediately before moving it to a cooler part of the grill to continue cooking it. The result is a perfect steak with classic grill marks in a fraction of the time. 

5. LED Control Panel Lights

Even a well-lit patio can cause challenges when cooking in the dark, especially when adjusting the temperature gauge on your grill. Delta Heat tackles this problem by installing LED lights on the control panel, making it easier to see. These lights are always on, providing a little more light for your outdoor kitchen and creating a conversation piece when you have company. 

6. Interior Halogen Lights

Seeing your grill's exterior is only part of the problem, as keeping an eye on your food is also essential. Some Delta Heat models have halogen lights under the cover, so there's no problem viewing your meat as it cooks and making adjustments along the way. This feature ensures you can grill well into the night without darkness becoming an issue. 

7. Built-In Rotisseries

Most Delta Heat grills have built-in rotisseries with infrared heating. This feature makes it easier to BBQ a whole chicken or cook a prime rib on your grill. There's a built-in motor and a heavy-duty mount for your rotisserie, too, which are essential features if you're serious about cooking the perfect chicken. 

Selecting the ideal grill for your outdoor kitchen ensures that every cooking experience is a positive one. Delta Heat grills offer an incredible array of features, so you can't go wrong when selecting any of their products. 

Organizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen or grilling station is a massive job, and you'll want to take your time to ensure you get it right. Investing in the perfect cooking facilities and accessories ensures you're making the best use of your space and creating an area your friends and family will want to frequent.

BBQ Outfitters sells grills and other outdoor kitchen necessities in Austin and San Antonio. We have all the high-end grills and outdoor ovens your space will need, helping you build the ideal living space in your backyard. Contact BBQ Outfitters to learn more about our selection of Delta Heat grills.