The BBQ Scene in San Antonio, Texas

by Layne Mayfield

San Antonio BBQ ribs being cooked on an American Outdoor Grill.

San Antonio is known for the Alamo, the River Walk, and having some of the world's best BBQ. People come from all around the world to sample San Antonio BBQ, and residents take great pride in the city's legendary culinary scene. 

You'll find BBQ restaurants all over San Antonio, TX, but you don't have to head out to enjoy a tasty meal. Living in San Antonio means having a few BBQ secrets of your own and an outdoor kitchen with the best grills on the market to cook your favorite dishes. 

Building an area to cook and eat BBQ is almost a requirement of living in this great city, especially if you have some extra yard or patio space. This guide will take you through the BBQ San Antonio scene and provide insight into the best grills and accessories to include as part of your outdoor kitchen.

Some of the Best BBQ San Antonio Restaurants

There are tons of delicious BBQ restaurants in San Antonio, so finding the absolute best dining options can be a challenge. Your decision on which spots to frequent will probably depend on personal preference based on how you like your food. Some of the city's top BBQ restaurants include:

  • 2M Smokehouse

    2M Smokehouse is a local gem on the East Side of San Antonio that was started by two backyard grillers with a dream. The restaurant is now one of the city's most popular BBQ joints thanks to its unique flavors and the care the pit master puts into every creation. 

  • Two Bros. BBQ Market

    Two Bros. BBQ Market is a casual BBQ joint near Walker Ranch Park with a child-friendly play area out back. The restaurant serves oak-smoked meats in a homey setting, making it a trendy and tasty place to stop for a meal. 

  • Smoke Shack BBQ

    Smoke Shack BBQ is a small, counter-service spot near the San Antonio Zoo serving meat platters and an abundance of sides. They have numerous family packs, too, making it easy to feed the whole gang or even order enough food to cater your next gathering if you still need to set up your outdoor kitchen. 

  • Augie's Alamo City BBQ Steakhouse 

    Augie's Alamo City BBQ Steakhouse sits in downtown San Antonio, and its country-style décor might be enough to convince you to visit. The restaurant also has exceptionally generous portions and a relaxing patio, making it feel like you're enjoying a meal from the comfort of your own backyard. 

  • Dignowity Meats

    Dignowity Meats is just outside of downtown San Antonio and is a window-service establishment with picnic tables on its covered patio. The restaurant focuses mainly on house-smoked deli meats, although you'll also find brisket and chicken on its menu. 

These restaurants have two things in common: outstanding ingredients and first-class outdoor cooking setups. These establishments could also take their outdoor kitchens a step further by adding an American Outdoor Grill or two in the future.

5 American Outdoor Grill Products Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

Creating the perfect outdoor cooking space will take some effort, and you might have to fine-tune it to get things just the way you want them. Starting with the right grill and accessories is an excellent first step because it streamlines the food-preparation process. Some American Outdoor Grill products you might invest in include:

1. 24" American Outdoor Grill L-Series On Patio Post Mount

Homeowners with a permanent spot in mind for their grill might consider the 24" American Outdoor Grill L-Series with a post you can mount on your patio. This post provides maximum stability, and the unit's 432 square inches of cooking space mean you can entertain guests without taking up too much room in your yard. This natural gas product also comes with a rotisserie, warming rack, and propane conversion kit.

2. 36" American Outdoor Grill L-Series Built-In Grill

You can put the 36" American Outdoor Grill L-Series Built-In Grill almost anywhere. It sits on top of an existing surface for perfect integration into your existing outdoor kitchen. This product also has 648 square inches of cooking space, a battery-free ignition system, and an interior halogen lamp, so you can always see what you're cooking. 

3. American Outdoor Grill 36" Insulating Liner

Protecting your kitchen surfaces is a priority, and that's where the American Outdoor Grill 36" Insulating Liner comes into play. You'll place this accessory under your built-in grill, ensuring it doesn't damage your countertop while maximizing your San Antonio outdoor kitchen. 

4. 36" American Outdoor Grill T-Series On Cart Grill

The 36" American Outdoor Grill T-Series On Cart Grill is similar to the built-in model, except it comes on a cart with wheels. This option is ideal if you want flexibility in your cooking space as your needs change. The on-cart grill also has some storage space underneath, especially if you go with a natural gas model that doesn't require propane tank storage.

5. American Outdoor Grill 18 x 36 Door with Double Drawer and Platter Storage

Those who select a post mount or build-in grill might need some storage space, and it's available with the American Outdoor Grill 18 x 36 Door with Double Drawer and Platter Storage. This product provides space to keep your cooking accessories outdoors, so you don't have to return to the house whenever you forget an essential. 

Building an outdoor kitchen becomes far more manageable when you have American Outdoor Grill products to put you on the right path. All that's left from there is choosing your favorite meats and sides and getting down to business. 

Creating Your Ideal BBQ Space

Designing your outdoor kitchen becomes easier once you figure out the best grills to meet your needs and how much space they'll take up. Getting your products in order puts you one step closer to grilling delicious San Antonio BBQ from the comfort of your own home. 

BBQ Outfitters carries a variety of grills and smokers for your outdoor kitchen. We can assist you as you create a space featuring all the essentials and accessories your cooking area needs. Contact BBQ Outfitters for more information on the American Outdoor Grill products we have for sale in San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to helping you make your outdoor kitchen better than ever!