San Antonio Secrets – BBQs with Bull Gas Grills

by Chris Commins
The outline of a bull’s head formed in fire, indicating Bull outdoor grills.

San Antonio is celebrated for many things. One of them is our wide range of diverse and delicious foods, and some of the finest fare comes hot off our BBQs. One of the best brands to cook on is Bull Outdoor Products, whose products are built to last a lifetime.

The power of Bull is still a secret for many Texans who love the outdoor lifestyle. This guide is here to introduce everyone to these great grills. Read on to discover how they perform as strongly as their namesake, and why adding one to your outdoor kitchen is a very smart moo-ve!

Breaking Down the Best Bull Grills

Bull BBQ grills come from the company that pioneered the concept of outdoor BBQ kitchens and grill islands. Here are three Bull gas grills that use proprietary ReliaBull technology for evenly distributed heat (we promise, that wasn’t our pun):

-Bull Lonestar Gas Grill

The most affordable of the trio, the Lonestar comes with four burners to offer multiple temperature zones in a 30-inch stainless steel frame. It’s great for the backyard chef who wants to get the grill going without any fancy features.

60,000 BTUs mean you won’t have any problems with super-fast grilling, and it comes with an 810 square inch cooking surface and a heavy-duty thermometer. Remember, that’s not the only kind of heat gauge you need to stay safe. Here’s a guide to 2022’s best meat thermometers.

-Bull Angus Gas Grill

This popular Bull grill shares the Lonestar’s frame size and burner count but ramps up the BTUs to 75,000! The awesome Angus also adds features like a 15,000 BTU infrared back burner and a stainless-steel Rotisserie motor. 

-Bull Brahma Gas Grill

Can you say five burners and a 38-inch frame? The big Brahma can. It also supplies 90,000 BTUs and matches the SS Rotisserie motor and infrared back burner of the Angus. The Brahma is a cinch to clean, and its 1026 square-inch cooking surface makes big BBQs a breeze.

All Bull gas grills are CSA-approved, meaning they’re rigorously tested and certified for quality and safety. Choosing can be tough, so don’t forget there are three steps to selecting the right grill for your outdoor kitchen. Guess what? We're sharing that secret with you, too!

Bull Outdoor Grills and a Classic Cooking Question

A hot question in many outdoor kitchens is, “What’s the best BBQ method? Is it low and slow or hot and fast?” Bull outdoor grills keep everyone happy, but that doesn’t resolve the debate. Can it ever be settled? Let’s stage a San Antonio showdown.

In the red corner, we have hot and fast. It’s coming out swinging with temperatures cranked way up to rapidly sear and cook meats with a smoky taste (via a pellet tube) before cooling down to perfectly cook a moist, juicy center. This contender needs a very hot and closely monitored surface to ensure meat exteriors don’t get overdone.

In the blue corner, we have low and slow. This cooler customer likes to take its time thoroughly cooking bigger, thicker cuts like briskets while retaining flavor and moistness. An expert at reverse searing, low and slow waits until the inside is cooked before giving the outside a sweet, smoky crust. For taste and moisture retention, it’s a tie between the two cooking styles.

What About Their Weak Spots?

Hot and fast does better against ground, thin, and fatty meats like burgers or sirloin steaks. Its biggest weakness is causing overcooked meat unless the chef is vigilant and has good timing. The fat from the meat hitting those open flames has also charred more than one cut, so chefs must stay on their toes with regularly applied water spray.

Low and slow requires skillful use of indirect heat, meaning that Bull BBQ grills are perfect for the job since they have multiple temperature zones. It also means inexperienced chefs will face a steeper learning curve. Low and slow can’t hold its own against thin cuts, which will dry out due to its drawn-out style. Even thick cuts are prone to dried-out toughness if they start to stall, meaning they’ve entered a zone where the meat heat doesn’t rise, which can last hours.

There’s no clear winner between the two grilling gladiators. It all boils down to experience, watchfulness, and timing. You can browse this mouthwatering Bull recipe selection if you need some BBQ inspiration for mouthwatering ideas on chicken, beef, pork, and fish and some expert advice on grilling the perfect veggies.

Bull Grills and the Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle

Having the perfect BBQ grill right in your backyard is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s the MVP in the outdoor cooking experience because it’s the source of fantastic food and a centerpiece for family and friends to mingle and make memories around.

Having colorful and comfy outdoor furniture blending in with the right music and lighting is a big part of the outdoor kitchen vibe. Fresh-air dining is also healthier because it can do everything from decreasing anxiety, upping Vitamin D, and adding scents and tastes to food that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

It’s all about that grill, though! Make sure you select one that will enhance your outdoor space and fit your social style.

See Some Bull Gas Grills at BBQ Outfitters

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