"What kind of thermometer do I need?" A Guide via Thermoworks

by Nick Jones


What kind of thermometer do I need?

What Kind of Thermometer Do I Need?

BBQ Outfitters firmly believes in the importance of educating our customers—the more you know, the better your bbq! ThermoWorks has a great guide on thermometers we highly recommend.

The thermometer guide explains why you actually need TWO thermometers, (1 a digital instant-read and 2) a cooking alarm thermometer.

You'll learn about:

  1. Instant-Read Thermometers
  2. Cooking Alarms
  3. Cooking Environments
  4. Dealing with Gradients and Temperature Changes

If you have any further questions, contact any specialist at BBQ Outfitters to help you get the correct thermometer gear for your setup.

Original author: Tim Robinson