6 Must-Have Big Green Egg Accessories

by Chris Commins
Chicken and vegetables being grilled with Big Green Egg accessories.


Some people in San Antonio, TX, think a Big Green Egg is fine just the way it is. Who can blame them? This best-selling brand has so much going for it.

It regularly makes those “top recommendations for your next grill” lists, and it’s one of the most visually striking additions to any outdoor kitchen.

Then there are the Big Green Egg accessories which will help keep you safe, streamline the grilling experience, and allow more versatile cooking. Here are the coolest and hottest accessories to consider!

The following are six of the best Big Green Egg accessories no serious BBQ chef should be without.

6 Must-Have Accessories for the Green Egg Grill

Did we say accessories? We meant EGGcessories, because that’s their official name. Some would say that’s reason enough to buy them, but here are some more reasons beyond the delicious puns:

1. EGGmitt BBQ Glove

Every BBQ-er knows that “crispy fingertips” are a common addition to the menu. Not anymore! This super tough glove is woven from heat-resistant aramid fibers and is extra long to cover more than your hand. Its silicon-textured surface provides a sure grip and withstands temperatures up to 475°F/246°C.

2. Battery-Powered Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGniter

This little tool has an air blower and adjustable flame – great if you want to ignite charcoal within minutes or boost an already-lit fire. Arguably its most impressive feature is making the all-too-common taste of lighter fluid a thing of the past!

3. Acacia Hardwood Tables

These beautifully crafted tables are made from real acacia wood, meaning they’re better able to stand up to temperature and humidity changes than other types of wood. The tables are specially designed to fit your large or XL Big Green Egg, providing space to prep your favorite foods to cook on your Egg.

The acacia hardwood tables even come with optional casters so you can move your table and Egg with ease. 

4. The EGG Genius

They missed a chance to call this the EGGhead, right? Or maybe the EGGenius – either way, this small and smart addition to your EGGcessories rescues your grill game from the 20th century.

The Genius lets you remotely control the Egg’s temperature using a smartphone, computer, or tablet while sending you alerts if the readings get too high or low. It'll even let you know when the food is done!

5. The Pro Chef Thermometer

No egg puns here. There’s also no salmonella, E. coli, or other harmful bacteria because properly cooked meat roasts away these risks. Cooking food to a safe minimum internal temperature is essential, and there’s no more reliable way to do it than with this brand’s pro-grade thermometer.

The digital readout makes it easy to read temperatures between 0° to 220°F (–10° to 110°C).

6. The 5-Piece EGGspander Kit

The incredible versatility of the Big Green Egg is made fully available when you add one of these. It fits like a glove and offers up to 40 cooking combinations, allowing direct and indirect cooking simultaneously. There’s also top and bottom shelf cooking when you need to feed a packed backyard.

There are also plenty of add-ons that make one of the best even better. Some of them you could get by without (even though you’d love your grill even more if you had them).

5 Basic Big Green Egg Additions

The Big Green Egg is among the best BBQ grills on the block, and these five extras will make it even better. It’s true that you don’t have to have these for a complete and enjoyable grilling experience. They are practical, fun, and tasty, though:


-Ash Tool

There should be as little ash as possible in the Big Green Egg before you start grilling, and the Ash Tool allows you to easily remove the ash from your Egg. You can also use it to spread the charcoal evenly before igniting the EGG. The Ash Tool is available in three sizes, and after use, simply hang it next to your other tools.


-ConvEGGtor Plate

People love convection cooking – using circulating hot air to create fabulous meals faster than conventional cooking. The convEGGtor plate allows indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg by providing a barrier between food and fire that redirects the heat, turning your Egg into an outdoor convection oven.

The ConvEGGtor can help you to turn your Egg into a low-and-slow smoker, and you can even create your own backyard pizza oven when you use it with Big Green Egg pizza stones.


-Kick Ash Basket

The Kick Ash Basket gives your charcoal the room it needs to breathe for optimal grilling, and it shifts excess ash for easy cleanup and a better fire the next time you grill. Kick Ash Baskets are made with durable stainless steel, so your basket will continue to kick ash for years to come.


-Egg Mates 

Big Green Egg Egg Mates are fold-out table arms made from sustainably harvested acacia wood. Egg Mates are finished to match the EGG Handle and the Big Green Egg Acacia Tables.

Egg Mates are crafted with mortise and tenon joints that hold up against expansion and contraction that happen with humidity and temperature changes.

All these fabulous additions are merely optional – although they are highly recommended. They’re key to efficiency and, most importantly, they’re safety for cooks and their guests.

We get it. It can be a bit overwhelming with so many sizes of Big Green Egg grills and more accessories than you can waggle your tongs at. Let us be your guides to grilling greatness!


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