The Outdoor Chef’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Weber Grill

by Chris Commins
A pair of tongs reaching for a steak cooking on the a Weber outdoor grill.


Key Takeaways:

  • Weber manufactures gas, charcoal, and electric grills suited to fit outdoor kitchens of all sorts. 
  • Choosing the right grill depends on your specific needs.
  • Compare the pros and cons of a few bestsellers to get an idea of your options.


Getting ready for grilling season is an exciting time. Enjoying your outdoor kitchen is a part of life all year round, but there’s a special feeling connected to it when the sun stays out longer and vacation days are plentiful. Every morning we peek out the window, hoping that it might be the day that Mother Nature raises the temperature enough to put flame to briquets (or gas) and throw a few chops on the grill. 

The season is even more exciting when a new grill is on the agenda. Make it a Weber grill, and there’s cause for celebration – Weber makes an array of amazing grills. Which one is right for your outdoor kitchen? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of four of the most popular Weber grills. 

About Weber Grills 

Weber Grills believes there is no better reward for doing your best all day than a fine meal in your outdoor kitchen with the people you love. They feel so strongly about this sentiment that they founded their company on it. 

George Stephen and his appreciation for a perfectly grilled steak spawned the birth of the Weber company in 1952. George built himself a brick fireplace BBQ and invited a few of his closest friends to a steak dinner. The flames soared and torched the steaks. Nobody got dinner, but George had an idea. 

He returned to his day job at Weber Bros Metal Works making buoys. He looked at the metal half-spheres he welded together daily, and genius struck. He screwed legs on one of them, drilled holes in the bottom, and topped it with a lid. Viola! The Weber grill was born.

Weber makes charcoal, gas, wood pellet, and electric grills, which all have terrific qualities. Weber's freestanding grills and smokers are an excellent choice for mobility around your outdoor space. Finding the right one for your outdoor kitchen means weighing the pros and cons against your personal needs.

Original Kettle 

You need very little to have a perfect BBQ experience. The Original Kettle charcoal grill is as simple as it gets while still providing the even cooking and ideal temperatures it’s known for. 

Original Kettle Pros 

There’s a lot to love about this 18-inch kettle grill. It’s a charcoal grill – a big pro for charcoal lovers. It’s small enough to relocate and super easy to clean with the standard One-Touch Cleaning System. You can also get it in 22 and 26 inches with built-in thermometers, removable ash catches, and hinged grates. 

The most luxurious of the kettle grills is the Master-Touch with Gourmet BBQ System grates. The middle grate is hinged in this patented configuration, so it comes out to enable refueling the center of the fire. It also has a warming rack, char baskets, and all the amenities of the other kettle grills.

Original Kettle Cons

The biggest gripe about Weber kettle grills is that they need more space. Even the largest has certain limitations. They aren’t ideal for grilling large amounts of food or large cuts such as brisket or ribs. 

There is a taste and smell to charcoal-grilled food that is irreplaceable. Weber has many more types of charcoal grills, but the original kettle grills have a class and sophistication that’s hard to match for smaller outdoor kitchens.

Weber Q 3200

This gas grill can use either natural gas or liquid propane to heat grates that cook your food. The Q Series from Weber are some of their most popular models. They are easy to use and maintain and are very durable.

Weber Q 3200 Pros

This is a great grill for propane newbies. It heats up fast and has two burners for more options, along with 468 square inches of cooking space. It generates 21,700 BTU, making cooking at low, medium, and high temperatures possible. It’s sturdy and includes fold-down side tables and a built-in thermometer.

Weber Q 3200 


The most common complaint about this grill is that the propane tank is a little hard to reach. They are also more expensive than other grills, such as the Original Kettle. The lack of a setup for indirect grilling is another downside.

The Q 3200 series is excellent for new outdoor chefs in their first outdoor kitchen. The durability makes the price point easier to swallow, and the ease of maintenance is another big selling point. 

The Q 2400

An electric grill may not be your dream grill for an outdoor kitchen, but with Weber behind it, it’s worth it to take a look at the Q 2400.

Q 2400 Pros

The most obvious benefit to this grill is the lack of messy fuel like charcoal and gas. It has an app that helps you look after your food when you have to step away for a beverage or forgotten seasoning. It can sit on any table or hard surface.

Q 2400 Cons

Not having a base or legs is a big downside for many outdoor chefs. It’s also on the smallish side – holding enough food for roughly four people. The fact that it’s electric is enough for some grillers to set it aside as well, since it has to be near a power source. It’s also less durable than other types of grills.

Electric grills serve a wonderful purpose in an outdoor kitchen. It’s entirely dependent on the chef’s personal needs and preferences.

Weber knows what makes outdoor chefs happy. Their charcoal, gas, and electric grills are made from the highest quality materials and cutting-edge innovation. Transform your yard into the latest trendy neighborhood culinary scene with a Weber gas grill and a wide array of benefits.

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