DCS Grills: The Luxury Choice for Your Outdoor Kitchen

A display of an outdoor kitchen setup including DCS appliances.

Key Takeaways:


  • DCS grills are considered luxury grills because of their unique features.
  • These grills come in three sizes but can be attached to side burners or carts.
  • Night grilling, clean-up, and a technologically advanced grease management system make these grills safer and more innovative than any other.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty on these grills is a big incentive to buy.
  • An array of accessories is also available to make each outdoor kitchen personal to the owner.

From the tiniest grilling alcove to a luxury setup that royalty would covet, outdoor kitchen lovers know that every open-air arrangement deserves love. The point is preparing your meal outdoors and benefiting from all the advantages that even the smallest outdoor kitchen provides.

DCS Grills are the gold standard of American grills, and this guide will show you why. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of this luxury grill company and go over some of the features that make them stand so far out of the crowd.

About DCS Grills 

DCS grills have long been considered the criterion standard of American grills. The first DCS grill model was manufactured in 1989 in a garage in Huntington Beach, California. Three innovators from Surf City took their love for outdoor living and desire for a premium grill meant for entertaining and designed their first model. 

In 2004, they joined Fisher and Paykel, an award-winning home appliance manufacturer, and moved their headquarters to Mexico, where they continue to manufacture high-end grills with an American pedigree that persistently impresses their customers with the quality of their products.

The DCS Way 

It isn’t hard to tell why DCS grills are so sought-after. The basic features on their grills outshine some of the most touted features of other brands. The DCS way is to go above and beyond the average grilling experience, with features such as:

Smart Beam Grill Light


Grilling at night can be challenging, no matter how bright your outdoor kitchen is. The furthest reaches of the grill surface are always shadowed. That isn’t the case with the Smart Beam, though – this product successfully addresses the problems associated with night grilling. 

The Smart Beam™ Grill Light illuminates the whole cooking surface for perfect night grilling. A 40W halogen light is incorporated into the patented weather-proof rotisserie motor making every morsel on the grill perfectly visible. 

Your grill will be bright enough to use even if your outdoor kitchen space is on the darker side. 

Grease Management System


One of the biggest hazards of grilling is the accumulation of grease. DCS grills patented Grease Management System™ cuts down on flare-ups by directing grease and flammables away from the flames. This is one of the brand’s most significant selling points and customer-favorite features.

Ceramic Radiant Technology


Heat control is the name of the game when it comes to grilling. None of the seasonings and flavors in the world matter when the food is cooked unevenly or totally burnt to a crisp. DCS grills use radiant ceramic technology that provides even cooking temperatures and perfectly controlled heat by placing an entire layer of ceramic rods between burners and grill grates. 

This technique provides penetrating yet even heat. You are now cooking with controlled heat rather than direct flames. These grills have almost zero variance in temperature zones, and the total grilling surface is very consistent. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes in the end product!

Direct Burner Ignition

Surface ignition buttons are one of the most annoying things about standard outdoor grills. They are not dependable and can be dangerous. DCS grills have a direct burner ignition that ignites each burner directly from the corresponding knobs. Direct burner ignitions are more durable, carry less risk, and are easier to fix with fewer moving parts. 

These features make it hard not to run out and buy one – or at least have a trial run tonight at dinner. Such groundbreaking features also make people curious, and there are a few topics people ask about most often. 


There’s no better way to learn about a product than by asking questions. Here are some of the most often-asked questions about DCS grills.


1. What products are offered by DCS?

DCS offers free-standing and built-in grills for outdoor kitchens. They are manufactured with and without rotisseries and side burners

2. What sizes are DCS grills?

The largest DCS grill is 48”. There are also 36” and 30” sizes. These measurements don’t include side burners, carts, or other additional equipment.

3. Does DCS make grill accessories?

DCS offers a wide assortment of accessories for built-in and freestanding grills, such as spacious storage, bottle racks, chilled drawers, and smoker trays. They also offer covers, carts, and toolsets.

4. Are DCS grills easy to maintain?

DCS grills are a favorite of busy outdoor chefs everywhere because of their easy cleanup features. These grills look brand new for years if you stay on top of spills and wipe everything down after each use.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the grates once yearly with a stiff brush and warm soapy water. 

DCS offers some pretty great grills, and they back up their quality products with a 2-year warranty for parts and labor on all products. That’s something that every Texas BBQer loves to hear. 

DCS Grills Turn Your Outdoor Litchen into a Luxury Entertaining Venue


There’s a lot to love about DCS grills. If you use your outdoor kitchen every day, they’re absolutely worth a look – and we’re here to assist. BBQ Outfitters can help with everything for your outdoor kitchen, from design and planning to delivery and installation, whether you cook for your family or the whole neighborhood. 

Check out our website to see all the great products to transform your yard into the ultimate luxury spot. Give us a call today, and you could be outside cooking in no time.