Gozney Dome Pizza Oven Review: 4 Reasons We Heart This Pizza Oven

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven Review: 4 Reasons We Heart This Pizza Oven

An olive green Gozney Dome pizza oven with wood and accessories.


There’s a long list of reasons just about everybody in the multiverse loves pizza. Most people – and especially Americans, who beat even the Italians for pizza consumed – are already card-carrying pizza fans. Some go out to enjoy it. Others order in. Some simply pick up a frozen pie and bake it on demand.

None of these compares to making a pizza in your own backyard, though. There’s a sense of pride and achievement, freedom and control, and plenty of science thrown into the mix, making food taste finer and people feel better. Here are some excellent reasons to consider a Gozney Dome pizza oven if you really want to give your pies some pizzazz! 

Having an Outdoor Pizza Oven Is a Slice of the Good Life

Eating pizza outdoors (or any other food, for that matter) bestows more benefits than even the coziest indoor kitchen or atmospheric eatery ever could. The outside world offers the actual atmosphere, among other advantages:

-Smoke Can Create a Superior Taste

Smoke from wood-fired ovens releases hundreds of taste-enhancing compounds in food, like sweet-tasting vanillin and spicy phenols. Syringol and guaiacol also combine to lend a smoky scent and taste. Your options here really expand when you choose a Gozney Dome dual-fuel pizza oven.

-Fired Food Means Fitter Eaters

Firing your own pizza removes the calorie blinders we’re often forced to wear when eating out. You can’t always tell what ingredients are on that restaurant plate. A homemade pizza in your own pizza oven makes those quantities your call.

-The Outdoors Feeds Your Body (and Your Mind) in Extra Ways

Want some extra vitamins with that Neapolitan? You’ll get them when your pizza party is outdoors, thanks to all that vitamin D going around. The fresh air and socializing in a familiar environment can also decrease anxiety and help everyone relax.

-Home-Cooked Pizza Crusts are More Cost Effective

No pricey gas pumps or Uber fare to get you to and from a restaurant. No worrying about how much of a tip is appropriate. No delivery fees. Everyone knows how these things add up over a year. They don’t have to be part of your eating experience (or your bank statement) if the pizza parlor is in your own backyard!

Gozney gets all this at a core level because it’s a brand built on passionate pizza production. It’s a kind of obsession that drives founder Tom Gozney’s ongoing mission to change how the world uses live fire to cook outdoors. His deep understanding that quality outdoor cooking can improve how you live fuels the creation of his innovative ovens that are tailor-made for fresh air fans.

4 Reasons to Go for a Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

The fact that these products are built on appreciating the outdoor dining lifestyle is just one reason they rock. Another is that the Gozney Dome pizza oven can cook in a variety of ways when you want to crisp a crust. Want more? A Gozney’s got it:

1. Gozney Dome Pizza Ovens Are Restaurant Grade

Every budding backyard pizzaiolo (that’s what they call trained pizza cooks) dreams of serving up a pie that’ll wow their guests and create that “just like eating out” atmosphere. The Gozney Dome pizza oven delivers exactly that because it meets professional cooking standards. Cooking capabilities from beginner to expert will find Gozneys a breeze to use. Both skill levels can also brag about using the same equipment as respected pizzaiolos all over the world.

2. They Roast, Smoke, Steam, and Bake

Versatility is another Gozney watchword. Roasting lets you move beyond pizza and is ideal for larger cuts of meat and fish for that juicy on the inside, charred on the outside goodness. A smokey pizza tastes like nothing else, while baking or steaming your pie can give it a light and crunchy base and crust.

3. A Gozney Dome for Doubly Delicious Results

Want that live-fired wood flavor? Gozney’s got you. Prefer to guzzle a gas-cooked pizza? No problem! The Gozney Dome dual-fuel pizza oven lets you choose how to bring the heat. A digital thermometer and air ventilation controls come as standard to complement a double-layered and insulated stone floor to get your food fired faster.

The oven mouth is 5.1 inches tall and 16.1 inches wide, wrapped in a powerful, 128-pound package. Cook your pizza hot and super-fast or go low and slow – the Dome is versatile enough for both methods, which deliver different results. It’s also tough thanks to its UV and water-resistant ceramic outer coating.

4. The Add-Ons Make It Even More Special

The Gozney Dome pizza oven comes with two temperature probes so you can poke that pizza till it’s safe to serve. It also has other cool add-ons like a steam injector for crisper crusts, an automated pellet burner, or a cold smoking attachment when you want to use smoke to flavor food without cooking it. Visit the brand page for a longer list of accessories.

Speaking to a friendly salesperson can help you decide which design and add-on combination fits your budget and lifestyle best. A Gozney will fit snugly on a standard outdoor kitchen countertop.

That’s where we come in to offer first-class service on both counts. We can help you pick the perfect grill and even help you design an outdoor kitchen from scratch. That way, you can incorporate the pizza oven into the overall look of your project from the earliest stages.

Come and Get a Gozney Dome Pizza Oven at BBQ Outfitters

BBQ Outfitters has 24 years of experience helping our customers enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. We’re the hot spot in central Texas for Gozney and many other industry-leading brands. Our staff will deliver, assemble, and install any pizza oven you order, so the only thing you have to lift is your next slice.

You can find us in San Antonio and West Austin, where we have huge showrooms offering everything else you’ll need to design your dream outdoor dining environment, from furniture to firepits and more. Just contact us by email or phone or swing by during one of our frequent Saturday cookouts!