Kick Ash Basket: Delicious Wild Turkey on the Grill

by Chris Commins
Kick Ash Basket

Hunting Season is Here!

Another great recipe from our friends at Kick Ash Basket. This one comes direct from their newsletter.

grilled turkey

Delicious Wild Turkey on the Grill

Hunting season is here....and it's great to know a guy! I'm not a big hunter but my neighbor is and he got a beautiful wild turkey! He gave me the opportunity to grill up this wonderful wild turkey breast.

It turned out absolutely delicious!  We were all very impressed with the texture and flavor.  Give it a try and let us know how it turned out or what you did differently!

Basics of the Cook

  1. Brine the Wild Turkey Breast for about 48 hours in the Lanes BBQ Signature Brine.
  2. Fire up your Big Green Egg or similar cooker after Shaking that Ash and Lighting that Fire! Our Kick Ash Basket and Kick Ash Can make start up easy.
  3. Ease up to a temperature of 375 for indirect cooking.
  4. Put a light coating of Brisket Rub from Lanes BBQ directly on the turkey. Check them out for amazing rub options
  5. Make a bacon weave wrap from 1 lb. of thin sliced bacon on wax paper.
  6. Place the turkey breast on the bacon weave and roll it up using the wax paper.

  7. Add a little more Brisket Rub to the outside.
  8. Bake/Smoke in your Kamado Grill at 375° until it hits 155° internal.
  9. Pull from the grill, wrap in foil and let rest for about 10 minutes - if you can wait that long.
  10. Slice, Serve and Savor!