5 Key Ideas for Your BBQ Island Setup

by Chris Commins

BBQ islands have many appealing features to recommend them as a centerpiece of your outdoor space. They’re the ideal gathering place for anyone looking to entertain a few friends or host a packed backyard party that would make any restaurant jealous. The question is - where to begin?!

An outdoor kitchen is a significant investment, so you may be on the fence about taking the financial leap. An important consideration to keep in mind is that these highly versatile and customizable spaces put you in control. Nothing goes in if you don’t want it there. This guide will cover five ways to shape a great grill island that will keep everyone safe and will provide fantastic food and memories!

3 Reasons to Go with a BBQ Islands

Every BBQ grill island is different, but they all share some core features in their favor. Who wouldn’t want a cooking space that’s better for their body, fits their personality, and keeps aromas and smoke outside where they belong? Here’s what we mean:

  • Grill Islands Mean Healthier, Tastier Meals

Outdoor cooking lets Texans enjoy the invigorating fresh air eating experience. This has many potential benefits, including decreasing stress, supplying mood-lifting vitamin D, and aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. BBQ grill islands can also unlock tastes and aromas you can’t achieve indoors, thanks to the freedom of flame cooking.

  • They Let BBQ Chefs Go Big or Small 

You’re free to build as you like without the space limitations of indoor kitchens when you create a grill island. ambitious chefs with many mouths to feed can create large countertop cooking spaces with plenty of room to prepare and serve delicious food. Those with just a few guests and simpler cooking plans can construct a smaller island to suit their style.

  • You Can Choose Between Many Types of Grills

The most fun part of creating a BBQ grill island is choosing a grill that reflects your cooking style and entertainment goals. Grills come in various sizes, styles, and finishes, often with many accessories to expand their function and make them easier to use.

Those are the universal benefits of outdoor kitchen grill islands. It’s time to think beyond the basics if these have whetted your appetite and consider how your grill island would take shape. Let’s continue by adding some imagination and “safety first” steps to the mix.

5 Important Outdoor BBQ Island Ideas to Consider

The best grilling islands hit the sweet spot between creativity and functionality. The first one gives your outdoor kitchen flair and flavor. The second makes it a safe space where chefs and diners won’t be choking on smoke or tripping over things. Make island life as risk-free and practical as it is delicious by:

  • Considering Your Fuel Source

The grill you choose will decide if your setup reflects your cooking style. One feature of electric grills, for example, is having a constant fuel supply. This is great for those who don’t want to shuttle back and forth buying propane or bags of charcoal.

A pellet grill provides the unique set of wood-fired flavors and aromas mentioned earlier, while gas grills have push-button controls, good heat distribution, and preserve the original flavor of foods without adding any smoky overtones. A charcoal grill can cook hotter than gas and still supply various delicious smoky flavors and that unique taste only charcoal can provide.

  • Getting Creative (and Proactive) with Storage and Features

Items like refrigerators, sinks, and bars can all be added to your outdoor BBQ island to keep things clean and cool. You can also choose between different countertop finishes for the look you want. Don’t forget to add plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers! You may not have big plans size-wise for your grill island, but is there ever enough storage space in any kind of kitchen?

  • Picking a Place for Pizza Production

Why not make your own pies on your outdoor kitchen island? Serve up everything from Neapolitan to New York-style when you add a pizza oven to your island. The Alfa One is one of the hottest ovens out there. It enjoys worldwide fame for its many advantages, like super-high heating temperatures, intuitive controls, and portability to position it anywhere on your grilling station.

  • Fitting in Some Furniture

Seating can be the crowning feature if you go for a bigger BBQ island. Backyard furniture can go anywhere, of course, but it adds an extra layer of awesomeness when guests can sit close to the food being prepared for them. Make your guests feel like Polywood celebrities with hard-wearing yet stylish chairs in counter height, Adirondack, or cozy and cushioned deep seating styles.

  • Making Safety a Priority

Make sure your outdoor kitchen island is well-ventilated so you and your guests can enjoy a safer cooking and eating experience through well-managed heat and smoke distribution. Installing an insulated jacket helps protect the whole island from the grill’s heat and doubles as environmental protection against the elements. 

It’s easy to see why ditching the roof and walls of your indoor kitchen means the sky’s the limit for your outdoor BBQ island. Just make sure you get creative advice from experienced vendors who can help you choose the features you want while respecting your budget and backyard dimensions. Considering evening gathers with outdoor kitchen lighting elements as well.

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