Mastering Outdoor Pantry Storage: Elevate Your Outdoor Kitchen Experience

by Chris Commins

If you're planning to have an outdoor kitchen built on your property, planning out a pantry storage system is absolutely essential. Being able to store your pantry (or anything else you may need) outdoors will eliminate a lot of back-and-forth fuss that keeps you from enjoying your parties.

We have been setting up outdoor kitchens for Texas residents for decades and we know how to make sure your storage system is modern, scalable, and easy to use. This article will give you ideas on organizing pantry storage in your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Types of Storage Spaces in Outdoor Kitchens

Many homeowners are simply not aware of all the outdoor kitchen storage options - so let’s go over everything you can do storage-wise.

First of all, there’s open shelving and enclosed shelving. Open shelves are cheap and simple, and this type of storage is great for something that doesn’t mind open air, water, UV light, and bugs. That could be utensils, dishes, candles, and so on.

However, any food items need to be stored in enclosed shelving. That’s where a lot of advanced and well-designed storage options come into play.

Doors, Drawers, and Combos

These are the most basic, staple storage options for your kitchen. Doors, drawers, and combos come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve added the highest-rated, most durable, and versatile products to our stock, so anything you see in our store will be a quality product.

You can tailor your storage space in any way best suited for your needs - the drawers can have sliding shelves for gas tanks and trash containers. You can easily plan your outdoor kitchen for minimal movement and confusion when everything is at hand.

Refrigerated Storage

We offer fridges, ice makers, and beer kegerators that add extra comfort and class to your outdoor cooking island. All of our products can be organized and mixed based on your preferences and goals - and we have some unusual models like under-grill refrigerators, so give us a call if you’re looking for a refrigerator for your cooking island.

Warming Drawers

These are the discrete shelves usually situated near your grill that help you keep pre-cooked foods warm. Our line of warming drawers is modern and built to last for years.

Dry Outdoor Pantry Storage

These are the storage units that are made to keep your pantry fresh and concealed. You can store all kinds of grains, spices, cereals, and sauces in your outdoor kitchen without having to constantly carry things in and out.

Basically, an outdoor dry pantry storage gives your home extra space.


Things to Take Into Consideration While Planning Outdoor Pantry Storage

While thinking about organizing your pantry storage you need to be strategic about your intended outdoor kitchen size in general.

Your storage is the one thing that turns a basic outdoor grilling station into a full-scale outdoor kitchen.

The good news is most of the outdoor kitchen equipment manufacturers design storage to be expandable - and if you can dream a design, it can be built.

Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself while planning out your pantry storage:

How Big are Your Parties?

If you have large parties - you need a lot of prep, and without enough storage in your outdoor kitchen, you will have a hard time enjoying yourself and your company.

Larger parties don’t only mean more prep, but also more ad-hoc improvisation and experiments, which is why keeping extra stuff at hand is always a good idea.

If you want to go for a larger pantry storage - an Alfresco high profile sealed cabinet would be great for your needs, if you want a smaller one - we offer it as well.

How Often Will You Use Your Outdoor Kitchen?

If you cook outside once a month or even less often then you probably don’t need any advanced outdoor storage units in your outdoor grill island. But if you are having weekly nights eating outdoors, consider investing in proper storage units.

Remember that the better your outdoor kitchen is organized the easier it is to host a BBQ night. Many of our clients found BBQ nights tiresome - until we designed and built kitchens for them. 

The opposite is true as well - a badly designed outdoor kitchen can slowly kill your love for grilling.

What and How Will You Cook

If you’re just grilling meat then your pantry storage needs are minimal - salt, spices, paper towels, a convenient trash can, and other basics to keep your prep station area clean.

But the more you do the more you are willing to try, and things add up. Veggies, grains, sauces, - who knows, you might be baking bread outdoors before you know it! You have the option to add power burners, pizza ovens, smokers, and other equipment - and it’s great if you’ve got storage space to back up all the new projects.

Things to Look for in Pantry Storage

Water Protection

All of the pantry storage units we sell and install are tightly sealed so that no external moisture gets inside - which is extremely important for outdoor storage. The foam gasket sealing provides optimal protection.

Moreover, our recommended models have integrated rain gutters that divert rainwater away, like the Alfresco dry storage pantry.


You need materials that can withstand the elements and keep your goods protected. All the outside pantry storage we sell is made of commercial stainless steel. All the hinges and handles are fortified accordingly.

Ergonomics and Design

Drawers, shelves, doors, and all of the handlebars need to complement each other. We are offering whole product lines from top USA manufacturers with the purpose of helping you build outdoor kitchens - so there is no problem mixing and matching blocks and equipment.

Are you lost in the abundance of brands and models out there? We can help you select the pantry and other storage for your new outdoor kitchen, and we can offer matching extensions to existing BBQ islands! Give us a call or drop by:


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