Enhancing Your BBQ Game with the Perfect Professional Grill

by Chris Commins

A lot of grill models are branded and marketed as “professional”, but what exactly is 

Is every professional grill meant for commercial use and vice versa, are professional grills only installed in restaurants? There are many factors to consider.

We’ve been equipping and servicing outdoor kitchens in the Austin and San Antonio areas for decades, and we know a thing or two about grills. 

We also know how pros cook and we know what it takes to take that professional kitchen feel to your backyard - and how rewarding it is.

What Grills Can Be Labeled as Professional?

Basically, professional grills are the ones that can serve as reliable workstations for experienced chefs feeding large parties, if such a need arises.

Professional grills usually imply gas grills - they need to light up fast and generate even, steady heat.

Even though our high-end  charcoal grills are equally convenient and sturdy, a professional grill needs to take minimal time to heat up. If you’re interested in learning how the two main types of grills differ - check out our charcoal vs gas grill comparison.

Do You Really Need a Professional Grill in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

You need to go for a model that a) takes care of all your grilling needs b) fits your outdoor kitchen design and c) lasts the longest and allows you maximum flexibility.

With that said, go for a professional grill if you cook often, or host larger BBQ parties. 

Since a grill is the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen, we recommend going for the best model you can afford. 

All of our gas grills are quality workstations that will last a long time and bring you the most enjoyable grilling experience.

Top Features of Professional Grills

Let’s go over some of the features that can truly allow you to label a grill as “professional”.

Larger Cooking Area

Professional grills need to offer enough cooking surfaces. 

Whether you're having a family get-together or catering to a large crowd, you won't need to worry about running out of space to cook different types of foods.

Flat-top griddles are great grills that can fit a lot of food at once, and they are frequently used in commercial food stands and restaurants.

Advanced Features

Many professional grills come with advanced features like multi-speed rotisseries, fans, smoker boxes, infrared sear burners, and sophisticated grease trays. 

These options ramp up the versatility and allow you to cook everything from steaks to pizzas on your grill.

As an example take a look at Pro Lynx grills, each having a rotisserie - Lynx Pro 54’’ or the smaller version Lynx Pro 27’’.

Powerful Heat Output

Unlike regular grills that may struggle to maintain a consistent temperature for hours, pro grills are designed to offer high BTUs for powerful and uniform heating. 

This makes sure your cooking timing, temperature of your meat, and serving times all stay consistent.

Heat zones matter too - for instance, this Blaze 44’’ professional four-burner grill has advanced heat zone separators that let you work in several temperatures at once like a professional chef.

Quality Materials

A common characteristic of professional grills is their construction from high-grade materials. Usually, they are made of commercial-grade stainless steel that’s durable and easy to clean & sanitize.

All the professional built-in gas grills we offer in our store have precisely designed frames, drawers, and trays. 

While in the middle of cooking for a lot of people, you can’t afford to tweak, adjust, or fix anything - and professional grill manufacturers are very well aware of that.

Ergonomic Engineering & Design

With professional grills, extra attention goes to the build and the ergonomics, since hours of cooking can be very taxing on your posture.

Ergonomic design means bringing efficiency and user-friendliness to the forefront, ensuring a seamless grilling experience. The cooking process has to be comfortable, efficient, and safe for cooks and everyone around them.

Think about how your hands feel on the grill handles or the ease of accessing the grill's knobs and burners. If they're ergonomically designed, they should feel natural and comfortable, reducing the strain and effort needed to manipulate your grill.

Ergonomic engineering is what lets professional grills elevate user experience by prioritizing comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Another feature that sets professional grills apart is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Professional grills aren’t only about the cooking; it's also about how effortlessly you can return it to its pristine condition afterward.

These grills are designed with features such as removable grates and grease management systems to make the clean-up process as straightforward as possible. 

Moreover, the components are made from materials that are very easy to wipe down or sanitize. Built-in trash disposal systems also help a ton. 

When you keep your girls clean they stay in optimal condition for longer, even with regular use and exposure to high temperatures. Remember, with a professional grill, time spent enjoying the cooking should always surpass time spent maintaining the equipment.

Accessories Beyond Grills

A professional outdoor kitchen can mean more than just a top-shelf grill. You can add power burners, griddles, and other accessories like quality refrigerators, vent hoods, and other outdoor appliances that make your life as a cook easier.

There are very few downsides to equipping your outdoor kitchen with a professional grill. The initial purchase cost will easily be compensated by performance, longevity, and the aesthetic design of the grill. If you need help selecting a model that will make you feel like a pro - give us a call!

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