The High End Grills Guide Discover The Benefits of Luxury Grills

by Chris Commins

high-end grills

Marketing materials online are generously using the term “high-end grills” for products they want to sell, but few consciously use the term.

This article will help you understand what features are typical for luxury high-end grills so you can tell the difference between the average and the exceptional.

Knowing what to look for, you will be able to go for the truly high-end grill brands that will grant you the BBQ experience everyone is looking for.

We’ve been selling grills, building custom kitchens, and advising central Texas customers for over two decades, and we know what a high-end grill means in practice. Let’s go over all the practical, daily-use aspects of high-end grills and their features.

High End Grills = Unique Features.

First and foremost, truly luxury grill brands are introducing new features to their grills. These are the features they develop over time and they are all practice-based. 

If a grill brand runs an active R&D department - it’s an instant class boost factor.

Look for patents and trademarks to make sure you’re getting access to real innovation and not copycats. Built-in TEC grills, for example, are famous for their patented radiant glass panels that eliminate hot/cold spots and help achieve more even cooking.

For instance, DCS grills are famous for grilling comfort & safety innovation. Their Smart Beam™ Grill Light illuminates the whole cooking surface for perfect visibility during night grilling. 

Another unique feature of DCS products is the patented Grease Management System™ which directs grease remains away from sources of fire and high temperatures. A system like that is a tangible and meaningful addition that increases the value of the grill manyfold.

With a set of features like that DCS grills are rightfully called luxury grills.

Twin Eagle 36’’ pellet grill base is another example of a high-end grill that’s packed with unique features like SmokePlus™ for smoke flavor infusion or a mobile app for temperature monitoring.

High End Grill Brands Offer a Premium Warranty

Delta Heat grills are famous for their long-term warrnaties, offering a great protection of your investment. Their limited lifetime plan comes for all the stainless steel housing and burners, the fifteen-year plan covers the stainless-steel grates, and a year-long protection on all components and labor.

All of their non-electronic / non-ignition components are covered by a lifetime warranty which showcases their confidence about the build and materials.

The 54’’ built-in Twin Eagles gas grill has a lifetime warranty on its burners and Saber Elite 670 SSE has five-, ten-, and lifetime warranties on its’ parts. 

There are many examples of ultra-confident brands, and we’ve been working with them for decades. In our experience - the claims are always backed by practice, tried, and tested.

If a grill manufacturer is as confident about their products as these are, you can be sure you have a truly high-end grill.

Luxury Grills Mean Quality Materials

 Whether it’s the chain drivenrotisserie spits of Alfresco grills or the durable stainless steel bodies of built-in gas grills, high-end brands never cut corners.

Thin walls, aluminum, low-grade steel, smelly plastic and rubber, poor welding - this may be common in budget grills, but the luxury brands we sell and install are not doing any of that.

High End Means NOT Made in China

Most high-end grill brands make their products in the USA - like the built-in Alfresco ALXE which is the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen. All Alfresco grills are made in the USA and use 304 stainless steel which means longevity and durability.

You will find the same spacious and functional US design and build in the 36’’ Twin Eagles freestanding gas grill, as well as many other grill models and types we sell.

The origin of your grill matters because a truly luxury brand can’t be saving on labor, and materials, or engage in unethical practices. If you are conscious about where you shop and who you support, these things matter.

Luxury Grills Perform Better

Most luxury grill models have powerful burners and advanced monitoring systems, which means you reduce the chance of error to nearly zero and cook more food on them.

Ifrared gas grills, sear zones, rotisserie sections - all the features that luxury grills bring along serve one purpose: to let you cook better, faster, and more food.

High End Grills are Smooth to Operate

Everything from knob design and moving patterns to the spacing between elements, textures, and shapes is well-thought-of with high-end grill brands. 

The way you feel handling great grills is special - It’s the “you will know it when you see it” type of thing.

High-end grill brands make you love every time you cook, - and they make it easy to get creative.

A truly luxury grill is not just easy to cook on, but also easy to clean and service.

Luxury Grill Means Entertainment Potential

We all know that people gather for barbecue not just to eat. 

We communicate, bond, rest, entertain each other, forge friendships, and strengthen families when we are at an outdoor kitchen. We at BBQ Outfitters understand the magic of what we do perfectly well.

A grill is the centerpiece of your gathering, and the impression it makes is vital to the whole experience people have at your place. Truly high-end grills are more than just cooking devices, they are conversation starters.

If you need help selecting a truly high-end, long-lasting high-end grill - give us a call