The Perfect Thanksgiving Grill Recipe from Kamado Joe

by Layne Mayfield
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This year’s Thanksgiving will mark the 401st time people have gathered to show gratitude for their neighbors, friends, and family and to appreciate the great things they share. If you really want to talk turkey, the first truly American Thanksgiving was in November 1776.

This makes 2022 the 246th time we’ve celebrated the occasion as a nation...but who’s counting! We think you’ll agree that it never hurts to shake tradition up a little after hundreds of years of tried-and-true turkey recipes (and leftovers sandwiches!).

Our outdoor cooking connoisseurs have selected an awesomely original way to cook your Thanksgiving bird using a Kamado Joe recipe on a grill from that same great brand. They make the perfect pair – just make sure you’re familiar with our top 5 grilling tips before you begin!

How to Make Thanksgiving Turkey Ballotine

Turkey. Potatoes. Cranberry sauce. You’ll find all those Thanksgiving staples in turkey ballotine and much more besides. “Ballotine” is French for package – the perfect term for this insanely yummy, packed recipe with boneless turkey at its core. The recipe includes:

  • One fruit (cranberry sauce)
  • One cheese (thinly sliced provolone or fontina)
  • Two types of meat (turkey and prosciutto)
  • Two vegetables (potatoes and green beans)
  • Three types of herbs (chives, sage, and rosemary)

There’s also a kick of added flavor, courtesy of Meat Church BBQ’s Texas Sugar BBQ Rub, to complement the dressing and gravy. Turkey ballotine can be enjoyed sliced or as part of a well-stuffed sandwich. The whole process will take a few hours, from fridge to grill to plate, and serves up to 10 people.

This Recipe Requires a Seasoned Outdoor Cook

Turkey ballotine is an undertaking for the more accomplished BBQ chef because there’s some precision folding, pounding, twisting, and trimming involved. You will also have to keep a close eye on the clock as the food moves first to the refrigerator for a 30-minute cool-down, then back onto the grill for a 50-minute (25 minutes per side) roast.

An internal temperature of 165°F means the dish is ready for a 15-minute rest before being served in plated slices or on a toasted bun. Guests who choose plates can savor their sliced turkey ballotine on a base of whipped potatoes garnished with chives and gravy.

Your sandwich-loving guests can take their turkey on a toasted bun topped with whipped potatoes, gravy, and a slice of prosciutto. Spear a sprig of rosemary through the middle, and you’ve made something your guests will be thankful for! If you plan to serve wine with your Thanksgiving meal, you’ll find a nice complement for both the turkey and the prosciutto in a Sangiovese.

A Recipe That’s Delicious and Nutritious

What makes this Kamado Joe recipe such a good choice besides the great flavors? Every serving contains plenty of protein, calcium, carbohydrates, and antioxidants, so you can be sure of comprehensive nutrition for you and your guests while enjoying this delicious twist to your holiday – something else to be thankful for!

Even the sprinklings of herbs provide valuable nutrients like copper, vitamin K, magnesium, and zinc, with those built-in antioxidants acting as immune boosters. Not a bad benefit at one of the year’s peak times for colds and flus!

More Ways to Take Turkey to the Next Level

Turkey ballotine is just one of the mouthwatering Kamado Joe recipes out there. You could also consider these ideas to give your turkey a twist:

That last idea certainly solves an age-old problem by crafting something more imaginative than sandwiches! We hope we’ve supplied plenty of food for thought so you can get creative this Thanksgiving. All you need now is a great grill to cook this quintessentially colonial cuisine.

Kick Thanksgiving into High Gear with Kamado Joe Grills

This brand of ceramic grills brings ancient cooking principles into the modern day and offers a long list of benefits. These include high temperatures and economical charcoal usage, even heating, and best of all: food that doesn’t taste like lighter fluid.

Kamado Joe offers designs of various sizes and prices with all the necessary fuel and accessories you need. Even their smallest option provides a 22-inch grill with 350 square inches of cooking space, a 2-tiered interior for variable temperature cooking, and a patented ash drawer for easy cleanup.

You’ll find the Big Joe Series III at the other end of the size scale. It expands the dimensions of the Kettle Joe and keeps going from there, transforming the grill into a smoker, among other impressive features. It comes with a free starter bundle, including fire starters, charcoal, and a heavy-duty grill cover. You can also choose from one of the other 10 grills in the range to find the perfect solution to your BBQ needs.

Kamado Joe grills don't have to be just for backyard BBQ parties, either. You can make entire meals for any occasion and turn celebrations into something creative and different year-round. BBQ Outfitters is one of Kamado Joe’s select retailers, and we’re here to help customers discover their products so everyone can enjoy some thrilling Thanksgiving grilling.

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