Everything You Should Know About the Alfa Pizza Oven

by Layne Mayfield

A man putting a pizza into an Alfa Pizza Oven.

There's something special about cooking outdoors in the summer. Staying outside all day long when the weather is nice is always a treat, and integrating cooking facilities into your outdoor space adds to its appeal.

Most homes have a propane, natural gas, or charcoal grill to simplify their outdoor cooking experience. These grills are flexible and allow you to make various meals, but one thing they struggle with is a family favorite: pizza. 

Cooking a pizza outdoors is a wonderful experience and purchasing the right oven ensures you end up with the perfect pie. Contemporary pizza ovens integrate new technologies and construction materials, providing outstanding cooking performance for your outdoor kitchen.

You'll have some prospects to work through when building a kitchen in your outdoor space. This guide will explain the options available when you choose the Alfa Pizza Oven. 

What Is the Alfa Pizza Oven?

Alfa Pizza Ovens are state-of-the-art additions to any outdoor kitchen. These ovens use Heat Genius technology to ensure each pizza is cooked to the ideal temperature and include aesthetic elements that help your oven fit in with your outdoor area's décor.

There are three stylistic lines of Alfa Pizza Ovens – Classic, Modern, and Future – and you can select the option that best fits your outdoor living space. The Classic Line features a retro look, the Modern Line comes in brighter colors, and the Future Line is more minimalist. Choosing between these lines ensures you have a beautiful piece that matches your existing décor and allows you to cook the perfect outdoor pizza whenever you wish.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Pizza Oven

Buying a pizza oven might seem like an overwhelming task because there are so many options on the market. It's advisable to break your decision down based on a few factors before purchasing one. Aspects to consider include:

  • Its Size

    Most modern pizza ovens are relatively compact, but there are various sizes to choose from. A small oven typically holds one pizza at a time, so it isn't ideal for entertaining company, while a medium-sized pizza oven can cook two or three pies at once. Large pizza ovens take up more space but can cook up to five pizzas at a time, making them an ideal choice if you have lots of space and like entertaining guests.

  • The Style

    Pizza ovens come in numerous styles, so you can select the option that bests fits your outdoor living space. These ovens come in various colors, shapes, and style options, giving you some choices as you finalize your purchase. Pizza ovens also come in built-in and freestanding options, depending on your preferences.

  • Its Fuel Type

    Modern pizza ovens have multiple fuel types you can opt for when making your decision. Wood pizza ovens are popular because of the wonderful aroma, while gas ovens are easier to use because they reach a cooking temperature without much effort and don't require wood. You can also purchase a hybrid kit for your gas-powered pizza oven, allowing you to use wood to heat the unit whenever you wish.

Considering a few ideas before making a pizza oven selection ensures you choose the option that best fits your lifestyle. You can then narrow your choice to an exact Alfa Pizza Oven model.

5 Types of Alfa Pizza Ovens

You can begin looking at specific pizza ovens once you know your desired options and appearance. Alfa has numerous models available, and each has its benefits. Available ovens include:

1. Alfa One Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are typically extremely heavy, so the Alfa One Pizza Oven stands out from the crowd because of its portability. This oven only weighs 110 pounds, allowing you to move it around your outdoor space whenever you wish. This wood-burning model reaches temperatures of 750°F in ten minutes and can cook a pizza in about 90 seconds.

2. Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven

The Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven is a medium-sized oven that can handle two pizzas at a time. It reaches a maximum temperature of 1000°F and is easy to reposition without much trouble, thanks to its built-in wheels. The Ciao also holds its wood-powered heat for a considerable period because of its ceramic fiber insulation.

3. Alfa 4 Pizze Built-In

The Alfa 4 Pizze Built-In is a wood-powered option with a large door and space for up to four pizzas. It has a refractory floor similar to what you'd find in professional ovens, and its insulation cuts down on the amount of wood you'll require to heat it. It's a little larger than other models but compact enough to fit into most outdoor living spaces.

4. Alfa 4 Pizze Freestanding

The Alfa 4 Pizze Freestanding is similar to the built-in model, except it comes with legs and wheels. This design makes moving the oven around your property easier, despite its relatively heavy weight. 

5. Alfa Stone Large Gas Pizza Oven

One of the top outdoor cooking devices on the market is the Alfa Stone Large Gas Pizza Oven. This product holds four pizzas at a time and heats up quickly, ensuring your guests don't have to wait long for their food. All you have to do is connect the oven to your natural gas supply, and it's ready to start cooking.

Your preferences and budget will determine the Alfa Pizza Oven you select. These products are all top-of-the-line, though, so you can't go wrong when making your choice. 

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Your outdoor living space is an integral part of your home, and you should be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. Investing in an outdoor pizza oven makes it easier to entertain guests outside and doesn't limit your menu to grilled options. 

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