Big Green Egg: Charcoal YELLOW LABEL Oak & Hickory 20#

SKU: 127884
Big Green Egg: Charcoal  YELLOW LABEL Oak & Hickory 20

Big Green Egg: Charcoal YELLOW LABEL Oak & Hickory 20#

SKU: 127884
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Customer Reviews

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C Armstrong
The Best Place for BarBCue Needs!

Has a large selection of grills, outdoor Kitchen needs, supplies, coal and has excellent service, friendly and knowledgable staff. Of course, everything you need for the awesome Big Green Egg!

Jordan Chase
Terrific customer service

I have purchased a BGE XL, and a BGE small as well as a kick ash basket, and kick ash can from your team as well as various seasonings and charcoal. Hands down y’all have the best customer service in San Antonio!

john olmstead

Big Green Egg: Charcoal YELLOW LABEL Oak & Hickory 20#

Donald Holocomb

Everything was good really pleased

Big Green Egg Charcoal with Yellow Label (Oak & Hickory Blend - 20 lbs): Elevate Your Grilling Experience with Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal!

Key Features:

  • Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal: The Big Green Egg Charcoal with Yellow Label is crafted from a blend of oak and hickory hardwoods, providing a superior and aromatic fuel source for your grilling adventures.

  • Distinct Oak & Hickory Flavor: Enjoy the rich and distinct flavor profile that oak and hickory bring to your grilled and smoked foods. Elevate the taste of your favorite meats with the unique smokiness and complexity of this premium charcoal blend.

  • Yellow Label Quality Assurance: The Yellow Label signifies Big Green Egg's commitment to quality and excellence. Expect consistent quality and performance with each use, ensuring a reliable fuel source for your Big Green Egg grill.

  • Efficient and Clean Burning: The hardwood lump charcoal is designed for efficient and clean burning, producing minimal ash and allowing for optimal airflow. Achieve the perfect grilling temperatures with ease.

  • Versatile Grilling Application: Whether you're searing steaks, smoking ribs, or slow-cooking a brisket, this premium charcoal blend is versatile enough to handle various grilling and smoking techniques. Experience the ultimate flavor infusion.

  • 20 lbs Packaging: The 20 lbs packaging provides an ample supply of premium charcoal, allowing you to enjoy multiple grilling sessions without the need for frequent restocking.

  • Ideal for Big Green Egg Grills: Specifically designed for use with Big Green Egg grills, this charcoal blend complements the features of your grill and enhances the overall grilling experience.

  • Natural and Additive-Free: The charcoal is made from natural hardwoods and is free from additives, providing a clean and pure fuel source for your grilling endeavors.

Elevate your grilling experience with the Big Green Egg Charcoal with Yellow Label (Oak & Hickory Blend) – where quality, flavor, and performance come together for a premium outdoor cooking adventure.

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