7 Reasons to Buy a Smokin Tex Smoker for Your Outdoor Kitchen

by Chris Kirksey
Brisket after being removed from a Smokin Tex smoker.

Creating the ideal outdoor kitchen can be a lot of work, especially when starting from scratch. One of the most critical steps is selecting a cooker, and you might opt for several appliances to give yourself options as you prepare meals. 

Many outdoor cooking enthusiasts invest in smokers because they're relatively easy to use and allow them to smoke food in the backyard. Meats like brisket and pork ribs are always best when smoked, so having one of these appliances at home makes sense for anyone who loves low-and-slow smoked food

You'll find many different smoker brands on the market, including Smokin Tex, a popular name favored by numerous professional BBQ chefs. This guide will examine some benefits of buying a Smokin Tex smoker for your outdoor kitchen.

Why a Smoker Is Worth the Investment

You might wonder if a smoker is worth the investment, especially if you already have a grill and oven in your outdoor kitchen. A smoker provides an entirely different cooking experience, though, creating new flavors for you and your guests. Some reasons to purchase a smoker include the following:

-You Can Create Delicious Meals

The main reason to buy a smoker is the quality of the meals they produce. The depth of taste the meats you smoke will feature is incredible, and you can even alter the flavor by seeking hickory, mesquite, or apple wood chips.

It's possible to smoke any type of meat you can think of, including beef, pork, poultry, and fish, giving you plenty of options.

-You Can Cook Large Cuts

The smoker is perhaps the most convenient way to cook large cuts of meat. You can fit a whole chicken, brisket, or ham in your smoker without any trouble, assuming you buy one that's large enough, and it's also possible to cook multiple racks of ribs simultaneously.

Being able to toss a large cut of meat in the smoker and forget about it until it's done is reason enough to invest in one of these products.

-You Can Preserve Food

An under-the-radar benefit of buying a smoker is using it to preserve food. You can use your smoker to remove moisture from meat and salmon by cold smoking it, which prevents bacteria from growing on the food. Keep in mind that the cold smoking process doesn't cook the food, so you'll have to cure it before throwing it in the smoker.

These benefits are reason enough for many outdoor kitchen enthusiasts to invest in smokers for their properties. The type of smoker you opt for depends on your preferences and how you plan to use this appliance.

7 Cool Features of a Smokin Tex Smoker

Buying a smoker for your outdoor kitchen is only part of the battle, as selecting a brand is also crucial. Smokin Tex is a first-class option because of the features its products offer:

1. Commercial and Residential Options Available

The first thing you'll notice as you examine the available Smokin Tex smokers is that they sell commercial and residential products.

Restaurants and catering companies all over the country use the SmokinTex Commercial Series BBQ Electric Smoker Model 1500 because it's portable and large enough to accommodate up to 80 pounds of food. The SmokinTex Pro Series Residential BBQ Electric Smoker Model 1460 is a bit smaller, but its 60-pound capacity is enough for most meals at home.

2. Easy to Use

Smokin Tex smokers are easy to use because they're electric. All you have to do is plug the smoker in and select the correct temperature to begin using your new appliance. You can also add wood to the smoker to give your food the desired flavor. 

3. Plenty of Space

Both the residential and commercial smokers have enough space to accommodate your food. The Commercial Series BBQ Electric Smoker has five shelves and a seafood grill, ensuring you can fit all the food you need into the cooker. The Pro Series Residential BBQ Electric Smoker is a little smaller but has four shelves and a seafood grill. 

4 Various Configurations

You can remove and adjust the shelves in your cooker to accommodate different meats. Removing a few shelves makes it possible to fit a large chicken or turkey in the smoker, or you can put the shelves back in when smoking multiple racks of ribs. The choice is up to you.

5. Simple to Clean

Smokin Tex smokers have stainless steel construction, making them easy to clean. You can put the removable shelves directly in the dishwasher to clean them, and most grease and fat will come off the sides and bottom of the cooker with minor scrubbing. You can clean the stainless-steel drip pan in the dishwasher, too.

6. Double-Walled Insulation

Insulation is vital for a smoker because you don't want the heat escaping. Smokin Tex products feature double-walled insulation, limiting the heat that escapes and keeping a uniform cooking temperature. The result is more predictable cooking times than a smoker with less insulation. 

7. Cold Smoke Option

These Smokin Tex smokers allow you to cold-smoke food. Cold smoking doesn't cook the products you put in the smoker – instead, it adds that rich, smokey flavor. Many users will smoke cheese and salmon in their cookers.

The benefits of buying a Smokin Tex smoker for your outdoor kitchen are considerable, as you'll quickly see why catering companies prefer this brand. Taking your backyard entertainment space to the next level is far easier when you have access to one of these products.


Creating an Outdoor Space

Your outdoor kitchen will become a gathering and entertaining space for your family, so you'll want to organize it just right. Investing in suitable cookers is part of the process because you want to impress visitors with the meals you create.

A Smokin Tex smoker could be the appliance that takes it to the next level. With freestanding electric grills and smokers, the possibilities are endless.

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