The 5 Best Grill Brands in 2023

by Chris Commins


There’s good, there’s better – and then there’s best when it comes to BBQ grills. The good news is that adding a first-class, free-wheelin' cart grill or built-in model to your backyard or custom outdoor kitchen is easy when you know the names to look for.

You’ll find some of America’s biggest and best BBQ brands selling like hotcakes here in Texas, but choosing the right model can be daunting if you’re new to the BBQ world. You can save a lot of time by following some expert retail advice, so here’s the introductory guide to the best grill brands in 2023!

What Places a Brand Among “The Best”?

Grilling is part of the American lifestyle. That’s why there are so many brands competing for a piece of the backyard BBQ market, so it’s not always easy to know which brands are the best of the best. The best grill brands share some key characteristics which are hallmarks of quality:

  • The Finest Materials

The best grills are built to last. That means years of confident cooking, and sometimes it even means more than a decade with proper care and maintenance. The best grills won’t let you down when it comes to standing up to the elements, holding high heat without warping, and resisting corrosion and rust.

  • It’s Made in America

A domestically made product does more than check the “patriotic” box. It’s the buyer’s way of knowing that the grill they’re considering wasn’t constructed by an overseas operation, which often makes it difficult to find replacement parts or use the warranty. Homegrown grills are much more reliable in these two areas, placing them a cut above the rest. 

  • Impressive Brand History

A respectable number of years in business shows that a brand has what it takes to grow its reputation and customer base. Interesting side note: If you added up all the time that today’s highlighted brands have been building grills, you’d get 247 years!

Your grill is an investment you want to last a good, long time. Having these three qualities means a company that deserves your dollars. Let’s spotlight this year’s cream of the crop.

The 5 Best Grills Brands in 2023

It isn’t easy making it into a Top 5. These brands spent years building their reputations and have garnered reviews more glowing than a BBQ brazier. You can be confident you’re getting excellent value and a grill to be proud of when you take any of these home:

  • Big Green Egg

These ceramic sensations are super popular for good reason. They come in seven sizes, from Mini to 2XL, making them a versatile choice financially and spatially for all kinds of outdoor kitchens. These Kamado-style charcoal grills can whip up anything from appetizers to BBQ and desserts and come with plenty of options to accessorize. 

Mini Eggs are the answer for tailgate cooking or camping, while the 2XL’s 672-square-inch cooking area can handle 35–40 burgers, 14–16 whole chickens, or 18–20 steaks!

  • Memphis Wood Fire Grills

This brand offers some of the biggest and best grills out there. They’re also the perfect way to enjoy the varied flavors and aromas that only cooking with a wood fire can unlock. These models have a laundry list of great features, including their patented grilling technology, the ability to reach up to 700°F, and remote monitoring via Wi-Fi.

Memphis models come as carts or built-in, so you can wheel them around freely or make them a permanent fixture in your outdoor kitchen. Here are a few more reasons Memphis might be a must for you in 2023.

  • Traeger

The world’s number-one selling wood-fired grill may have the strongest claim to being the best any Texan can buy in 2023. They grill and bake. They smoke and braise. They do it all with easy-to-manage digital controls and consistent heat that makes for perfect results every time. 

Traeger grills come in many different styles, and their pellets are available in a variety of flavors, so you can give your food that  delicious  Texan tang!

  • Weber

Want a brand that does charcoal and kamado-style grills with the best of them? Look no further than Weber – a name proudly celebrating its 70th year of selling some of the most durable and high-quality products on the market. 

Millions of people around the world own a Weber because of functional  features like generous cooking areas and precision controls, which complement the one-touch cleaning system and thick, heat-retentive walls.

  • Yoder

These pellet grills are one of the BBQ world’s younger brands, with just 14 years on the market. They’ve won over plenty of buyers during that time, though, along with People magazine’s “best pellet grill” of 2023. 

Yoders can cook every kind of meat (they even come with a pizza oven add-on) and are safer and simpler to use than many other designs. You can learn more here about this young but thriving company that’s big on accessories and listening to customer feedback.

Now you know the best grill brands, so your next step is knowing where to find them. If you’re a Central Texan looking to enjoy the delicious flavors of outdoor cooking, then you’re in luck — each of our top 5 best grill brands in 2023 is closer than you think. 

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