6 Reasons Austin, Texas, Hearts Kamado Joe BBQ

by Chris Kirksey
A Kamado Joe Big Joe III and a Kamado Joe Jr.


Austin, Texas, loves its BBQ and the people here understand the difference the grill or smoker can make. Investing in the right product as part of your outdoor kitchen ensures you always satisfy your guests and end up with a cooker you can be proud to show off when you have company.

Kamado Joe is a leading name in the outdoor kitchen industry because of its diverse line of performance-driven all-in-one grills and smokers. These cookers are as versatile as they are beautiful, ensuring they’ll fit into any backyard kitchen setup with as little effort as possible.

You can’t go wrong with one of these cookers because they’re adaptable to nearly any situation. This guide will explain why Austin hearts the Kamado Joe grill and provide a quick recipe you can try after purchasing yours.

A Quick and Easy Kamado Joe Burger Recipe

Trying a few new recipes after purchasing a Kamado Joe grill helps you get the hang of using the cooker and shows you how much of a difference this product can make. Burgers are a favorite with Austin residents, and having a crowd-pleasing recipe is a must when inviting guests over. Here's a quick and easy burger recipe for your Kamado Joe:

-The Beef

Every excellent burger recipe starts with seasoning the beef before cooking it to perfection. Combine two pounds of ground beef in a bowl with one teaspoon of cumin, one teaspoon of salt, and one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. You'll get eight burgers from these ingredients, although you can increase or reduce the recipe depending on your preferences.

-The Sauce

A solid burger sauce makes all the difference in the world, ensuring your meal stands out from the crowd. A simple burger sauce you can make for your guests combines a half cup of Thousand Island dressing with one tablespoon of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. This sauce will bring a little bit of spice to the burgers without overpowering the rest of the recipe.

-Marinated Tomatoes

Topping the burgers with some marinated tomatoes adds to the experience even further. This part of the recipe involves slicing a single tomato and putting it in a bowl with two tablespoons of olive oil and three leaves of thinly sliced basil. You'll want to leave the tomatoes marinating for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 24 hours.

Pre-heat your Kamado Joe to 500 degrees and position one grill grate at the highest level and another at the lowest level to cook your burgers. Place the burgers on the lowest grate for two minutes and then flip them over onto the upper grill grate for two minutes, and they should be ready. You can then top them with cheese, and they're good to go!

6 Kamado Joe Features Austin Residents Love

Deciding on the right grill to meet your needs can be a little challenging. Austin residents love Kamado Joe grills because of some unique features they offer, which include the following:

-Multiple Sizes

These grills come in numerous sizes, so you can select the model that best fits your lifestyle. The Kamado Joe Jr. has a 13.5-inch cooking surface and weighs only 68 pounds, making it possible to move the cooker around your outdoor kitchen or even bring it to a picnic. Other products are heavier and have cooking surfaces of 18 or 24 inches, so they're better off as fixtures in your outdoor space.

-Accessories Are Available

Some Kamado Joe products come with accessories. You can purchase a model featuring a steel cart with locking wheels, making it easier to transport the cooker around your outdoor kitchen. There are also grills with side shelves, and every model features a built-in thermometer, so you know how hot the unit is getting.

-Flexible Cooking System

One of the best features you'll notice when you begin experimenting with your grill is its flexible cooking system. The gist is that you can move the grates up or down, depending on how close you want them to be to the heat source, or install a heat deflector for indirect cooking. These features allow you to cook multiple items requiring different heat settings at once.

-Grill and Smoker

Austin residents love the versatility of Kamado Joe products because they're a grill and a smoker in one. It's possible to cook food quickly at 500 degrees or leave a tougher cut of meat in the smoker for hours until it has that wonderful smoky flavor and melts in your mouth. The cooker's functionality depends on how you use the airflow vent at the top of the unit and the SloRoller smoke chamber.

-Easy to Use

Cooking with a Kamado Joe isn't complicated. All you have to do is add charcoal to the bottom of the unit and light it. You can then adjust the temperature by using accessories like the SloRoller smoke chamber or altering the position of the grates.

-Quick Cleaning Charcoal Basket

The Kamado Joe is also easy to clean. Most grills feature an ash drawer you can remove in seconds, ensuring your cooker is ready for the next time you need it. You can also clean the grates the way you would with any BBQ grill. 

It's easy to see why Austin residents love the full line of Kamado Joe grills. Anyone serious about adding to their outdoor kitchen should consider one of these products because of their versatility and ease of use.

Buying a Kamado Joe

You'll want to learn as much as possible about the various Kamado Joe options on the market before purchasing because each model has different features. Understanding how the size and characteristics can influence your cooking experience is essential, especially if your new grill will become a focal point of your outdoor space.

BBQ Outfitters carries a wide range of Kamado Joe products in our Austin, Texas, showroom. Visiting our storefront ensures you understand what each model in this line offers, making it easier to choose the ideal option to meet your needs. Contact BBQ Outfitters or stop by our Austin location to learn more.